Review: South African Crypto Scam? is peddling simplified Cryptocurrency investments opportunity where customers choose one of the 3 plans to profit from price fluctuations. The 3 Crypto investment plans by have bundled their investment plans into 10 to 20 Cryptocurrencies in accordance with their market cap.

Crypto trading is indeed profitable. However, if you’re the kind of trader that prefers Forex or stocks trading, then your options are on this page.

Otherwise, investors who wish to sign up with Bitfund Crypto trading service are required to choose any of the 3 investment packages. The Bitfund platform promises weekly rebalancing of portfolio and the ability to track investment portfolio in real time by its users. While this platform sounds like the real deal for investors with no trading knowledge, we feel that Bitfund cannot beat established Crypto investment platforms such as these ones. After all, the community has also verified that our recommended trading systems and platforms are very profitable.

That said, Bitfund’s trading performance depict that the fund can generate up to 37% in monthly ROI. Their trading statement also suggests that the greatest loss they’ve ever incurred in any given month is -30%.

In our opinion, this is a relatively big drawdown and if it happens to your investment portfolio, you can be sure that the setback will affect your finances in one way or the other.

We prefer Crypto trading platforms that automate your trades but guarantee small to medium profits with no significant drawdown. Review: About the company

The company’s website has copied the design of Alexa — a platform that tracks performance stats of websites on the web.

I also realized that the company was formed in South Africa to eliminate the barrier to investing in the Crypto market and to give everyone the opportunity to be part of this financial revolution.

The people running this company are basically assuming that the modern investor is not knowledgeable about Crypto investing, hence the need to provide them with a “simplified platform for investing”. How simplified is Well, it operates like a typical Crypto investment portfolio platform where you invest and forget.

The company’s management team comprises of 4 co-founders, software engineers and shareholders. We investigated and verified their Linkedin profiles as you can see here.

The website of was founded in 2017, though we did not find evidence of the company actively operating in the last 3 years until now. minimum deposit

The minimum deposit is not stated anywhere on the website. From the look of things, this company is determined to attract sign ups with the intention of disclosing more details later. fees

As long as investors are using the services of this company, their assets will be subject to a 2.4% annual deduction. They refer to this charge as management fees.

In addition to this, the company charges 1% for purposes of liquidating assets of their clients and transferring the money to their clients.

Those are the only fees that we are aware of as at the time of writing this review.

Is legit or a scam?

We’ve not seen any reviews from any of their supposed clients. This is strange considering that the company was founded in 2017 and anyone would presume that they have enough investors who are either happy or critisizing the service.

While it may not be a scam, we have to ask ourselves why there are no reviews backing this company and also why they are not licensed yet.

The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) is the regulator of brokers and other financial services companies in South Africa.

It would have made a lot of sense if was licensed by the FSCA/

The conclusion

We are a little bit hesitant in recommending this Crypto investing platform because of lack of feedback and also licensing.

If you have a comment about this company, we’d like to hear it from you as well. Otherwise, we give it a 2.3 star rating. We are somehow seating on the fence.