Bitcoin Global Investments Review: A Scam?

Bitcoin Global Investments (BGI) is a suspicious website that claims to offer investors a wide range of “exclusive investment opportunities”.

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They claim to offer the following financial services:

1.Bitcoin investment funds

2.Non-Bitcoin equity funds

3.Bitcoin startups

4.Arts and Precious metals

5.International property

The website is promising to multiply investors’ capital up to 7 times their value.

This is definitely too good to be true. If you’re investing in Crypto, you must choose a service that has a reputation, plus average ROIs should be reasonable, not out of the normal.

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Other things that Bitcoin Global Investments is promising include regular dividends payment and risk-free “guaranteed Investment” for $1,000,000 and above.

Bitcoin Global Investments review

In addition to this, the website is offering its services through a number of defunct domains that are now pointing to the website.

The scam sites that are pointing to this particular website include:
















The scammers who run Bitcoin Global Investments have also registered a number of other domain names in their portfolio starting with the word Bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin Global Investments legit?

This platform cannot be legitimate whatsoever.

Whatever they are offering is a fake BTC investing service that is also not regulated by any financial watchdog.

In addition to this, they’ve also partnered with an AI software developer called

This way, they will be in a position to offer software which they will claim can make you a millionaire.

BGI platform is basically full of red flags which are hard to miss.

For example, in their Bitcoin domain portfolio, they give us fake statistics on revenue which they’ve made.

This is misleading promotion because visitors are likely to act based on the fake data.

Coincidentally, JAVIER MARTI of seats in the managerial team. He is listed as an executive team member.

These guys seem to be operating from the UK.

But their so-called investing opportunities are suspicious.


The quickest way to lose thousands of dollars in fake Bitcoin services is to actually send money to one of the owners of Bitcoin Global Investments.

We advice against putting your money into this unregulated financial service.

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