Review: Scam Binary Options Broker

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Welcome to the BinBull review. is a binary options broker owned by Choptella Limited.

Some parts of the website appears to be in Russian language which could mean that the broker is either based in Russia or targeting Russian traders. was created in September 2019. So this is clearly a new broker with no trust ratings at all.

The domain is set to expire in 2020 which is typically a pattern followed by shady online businesses that don’t see themselves operating for the next 2 days.

BinBull review

BinBull binary options broker is inviting traders to use their service by claiming that traders can invest in their future with a trusted broker.

The problem with a broker like this one is that they are unregulated.

In fact, they’re in the warning list of the website.

This means we’re forced to blacklist BinBull just the same way we did with Pacoxr, TryMarkets, and BTC Tradings.

Another claim that we find unbelievable is that Bin Bull has registered 5,000 active traders.

This info is obviously not true because it’s clear the broker is promoting their service using a very common sale pitch.

The broker does not provide their physical address or phone number.

To contact them, traders have to use the website’s integrated contact form or via the official email at

BinBull review

The main thing that this binary options broker wants traders to know is that they’re offering 96% profitability.

For starters, this means that trades that end in the money will be compensated with profits amounting to 96% of the original sum invested.

Some binary options brokers provide 70% and others 80%. To attract many traders, a broker can increase the percentage of the gain.

BinBull claims to provide a trading platform for beginners and professionals.

It is allegedly easy to understand and navigate through.

The trading platform in question has not been disclosed but chances are this is your regular binary options trading platform.

They’re also offering a free demo ($10,000 in practice money) and live account starting $10 in minimum deposit.

The free education is very shallow and generic. In fact, it covers things like what is binary options, how to start trading etc.

This is not what you should expect in a quality trading education.

Whether its free or not, this type of education shouldn’t exist at all.

On top of this, BinBull offers 24/7 customer support (because binary options are traded 24/7).

They promise quick withdrawals (up to 48 hours), and trade deals starting $1 only.

This will definitely look attractive to new traders because traders don’t have to risk a lot to pursue the profits of binary options.

They’ve not disclosed deposit and withdrawal methods. The website of BinBull does not even talk about their experience.

BinBull review: they are not regulated

It’s quite obvious that Bin Bull broker is operating without a license and authorization from the Financial Commission.

Trading with such a broker can be a risky affair.

Usually, when a broker is regulated, traders have a peace of mind because deposits are held in segregated accounts and are also insured up to a specific sum.

Moreover, a broker fears losing their license and will do everything within their means to safeguard it.

That translates to better customer service and quality standards are set high.

BinBull does not talk about the company that owns them or the people managing the business.

The website lacks transparency which is crucial when you want to gain trust from traders.


BinBull is definitely a scam broke or the intention could be to accumulate deposits for a short while and then close shop.

Whatever the mission, you should never trade with BinBull because you’ll obviously lose your deposit.

Their quality of service looks bad plus they don’t have any testimonials or reviews.

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Thanks for reading the BinBull review.

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