Biggobtc Review: BTC Ponzi Scam!

Biggobtc is a matrix program that claims to generate automatic and guaranteed wealth for investors.

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Biggobtc also promises automatic withdrawals so long as members sign up and deposit 0.003 btc.

There are no refunds for lost funds because Biggobtc claims on their website that this is like donation.

We’re not here for donations but investing. That is why people looking for serious ways to make money using Bitcoin should know which products are legit and which ones are scams.

They are generally insulting your intelligence by putting such statements on their website.

Also, the way it operates is that members who join must bring along their friends.

This is the definition of a ponzi scheme where revenue that is generated is coming from new members.

There is no valid income generating opportunities. Instead, the Bitcoin that is “generated” by Biggobtc is coming from new registerations.

Is Biggobtc legit?

By now, you should know that this is not a legitimate income generating opportunity.

As soon as you deposit the required amount of Bitcoin, you will be given a referral link that you must share with your friends on the promise that you will earn a commission when they join.

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This is how you will lose your friends because they will feel betrayed after getting scammed by this site.


Having said the above, we think the best idea is to spot the red flags and run.

Biggobtc is basically a Bitcoin scam. Only the owner is guaranteed to earn revenue when someone deposits Bitcoin through the provided BTC address.

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