Big.Byte.Block Review: Scam or Legit? (Big.Byte.Block) is a shady website purporting to generate 200% ROI from ‘blocking’ nodes.

To understand why we don’t trust, we need to first know what nodes are.

After all, nodes and masternodes are an increasingly discussed topic in the Cryptocurrency marketplace.

Nevertheless, scammers are taking advantage of the ignorance of the masses to defraud anyone who is quick to believe their stories.

A website like or is using the same concept to allegedly generate handsome returns for investors.

But first, what are nodes?

Nodes are a critical component of the blockchain. They form the infrastructure of the blockchain and are used to perform the following functions:

1.Verify the validity of blocks of transactions

2. Store transaction history of the blockchain.

3.Nodes communicate with other nodes within the blockchain by spreading out data and saving or updating it.

In short, nodes are just that.

So how does make the purported revenue which they share with their investors?

Bigbyteblock review

Big.Byte.Block claims we can make money immediately by “blocking” the next node.

At the time of writing this review, they were peddling the next node number as #72,800.

Blocking this node number would cost $ 4.38 and would generate a return of $ 8.77 which would then be paid in BBB coins.

In short, Big.Byte.Block is claiming that it will double your investment and initial deposit will be returned after 1 year.

The node is supposedly going to generate revenue until it reaches maturity. They say this maturity will be reached in 1 year.

After this, it turns into a coin known as BBB or Big.Byte.Block coin. Investors will need a balance of at least 2 BBB to withdraw from their account.

The BBB coin uses Proof of Stake protocol and is said to be influenced by forces of demand and supply.

The more nodes the network blocks, the more it grows and the more Big.Byte.Block coins will be generated.

I was not able to find out how much 1 Big.Byte.Block coin is worth, despite the vendor claiming that the coin can be bought at

Background details of Big.Byte.Block

The site was registered in 2019 and is currently receiving most of its traffic from countries like Switzerland, India and United States.

Ownership of this website is concealed. We don’t know who owns or runs it.

However, chances are high that the anonymous owner is operating it from Switzerland.

We also see that most of the traffic going to Big.Byte.Block is from social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook as well as major search engines.

There’s still some aura of mystery surrounding Big.Byte.Block and their activities as the website provides an FAQ page but no about us section.

Why Big.Byte.Block is your average Crypto scam

First of all, let’s all agree that these returns are too good to be true.

There is no investment that can generate 200% returns for you as this would be a scam.

You can clearly see that the website is purporting to give a chance to the next “Crypto millionaire”.

The BBB coins which they are talking about here have no real world usage. But realize that you will be purchasing them using real dollars.

Ultimately, the website may disappear and leave investors with a worthless coin which they can take nowhere.


There’s a real chance that Big.Byte.Block is a ponzi scheme if not an outright scam outfit.

With the kind of returns they purport to generate, this must surely be a shady website which is up to no good.

The owner is definitely encouraging more deposits because they claim that the more the investment, the more nodes can be blocked, hence higher returns.

Do not do it as this website is quite shady and users who actually place a deposit stand a chance of losing their money.