Bcpmarkets.com Review: is Bcpmarketsworld Legit?

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Bcpmarketsworld is a new broker claiming to provide unparalleled trading experience, good liquidity and transparent environment.

The broker also operates another similar website under the domain bcpgltd.com.

While marketing the other website, they’ve lied to investors that the company which oversees their operations is called BCP Group Limited.

However, BCP Group Limited is neither related to Bcpmarketsworld nor bcpgltd.com.

Bcpmarkets.com has been in operation since May 2020, but is claiming that their customers have ranked them high in the internal survey system for the last 5 years.

Through the domain Bcpmarkets.com, the website is claiming to be owned by Business Choice Partners Group Limited, which is allegedly registered in London.

Why they’re lying about the duration of their existence is due to the need to provide a veneer of legitimacy.

This is why they can’t compete with fully regulated and established brokers that professional traders use for their day to day trading.

What does Bcpmarkets provide?

They claim to provide multiple tradeable assets on their MT5 software, ranging from Foreign currency to precious metals, indices, crude oil and Bitcoin.

The MT5 trading software is indeed a valuable tool for traders.

However, by merely integrating it into a website does not valid the legitimacy of a website and its operations.

The broker does not appear to have any account types at the moment.

Besides this, there are multiple links on the Bcpmarkets.com website that are throwing a 404 error.

This means that BCP Markets has not correctly setup its website for good user experience.

So how can we believe them when they say they’re transparent, user-oriented and professional?

The devil is indeed in the details because I uncovered more dirt in the process of investigating their business.

Regulatory front

On their Bcpgltd website, they claimed to be regulated and licensed.

However, when investing this claim, I discovered that the regulatory body which they were referring to is non existent.

On their Bcpmarketsworld website, there is no reference to any regulatory authority.

It looks like they’ve given up on this lie and would rather not keep telling it in their other websites.

By the way, there’s a warning coming from the Financial Markets Authority in New Zealand, expressing fears that both Bcpmarkets.com and bcpgltd.com are a scam.

The company which is allegedly behind these brokers (Business Choice Partners Group Limited) is also in charge of another scam entity by the name Knight Service Group.

The offending website’s pages are throwing a 404 error.

Business Choice Partners Group has also been highlighted by the FCA in the UK as a fraud.

Banking accounts bear the name of a Chinese national

Scammers can operate a complex network involving multiple websites that collect revenue and bank it in an offshore location.

This portfolio of websites appear to be collecting money and forwarding the funds to Business Choice Partners Group accounts.

These accounts belong to individuals whose names are as follows:

1. Weijie Lin

2.Yali Liu

3.Cheng Huat Set

4.Liem Nguyen

5.Thanh tuan vo

And many others.

Ideally, brokers should collect funds and deposit them in a segregated account, not a personal account.

Bcpmarkets.com Review

Our review settles on the fact that this broker and all its affiliates are running one big fraud.

The broker does not provide any reasons as to why they should be trusted.

They have all the hallmarks of a scam.

They do not provide any unique features compared to what established broker are currently giving their traders.

Traders would really love to trade in a true STP environment but this is sadly not the case.

Rogue brokers like Bcpmarketsworld are advertising that their platform offers true and transparent STP environment yet this claim turns out to be a lie.

We would truly love unmatched trading speed, advanced charting tools and decent support (according to what they advertise).

Unfortunately this broker is just writing these items to fill up their pages.

They are offering the complete opposite.

Complaints against Bcpmarketsworld

There is a mountain of complaints coming from victims who have already been ripped off by this broker and their other websites.

I have come to realize that every time there is a warning or a caution coming from any financial regulator, one or two people must have been scammed.

The above screenshots depicts a situation where a broker is literally defrauding everyone who deposits money into their platform.

The truth about Bcpmarkets.com

As soon as you sign up and deposit some money, someone from the other end will be ready to pull the strings on your trades.

The truth is that Bcpmarketsworld is not an STP broker as claimed on their website.

They are a mere bucket shop operating under the guise of an STP brokerage.

Of course there’s no way their customers will find out.

The only thing that’s for sure is that even the most skilled of traders out there will lose all their money as soon as they deposit it here.


As I wind up, I’d like to point out that Bcpmarketsworld is actually operating under multiple companies whose reputation is shady.

Their actual location is not known, and the people who run these websites are anonymous.

Names without photos or whereabouts don’t help that much.

Their claim of existence in London is also questionable.

Based on my observation, I deduce that Bcpmarketsworld is an unreliable website and broker.

They’ll mess you up and when they’re done with you, they will show you the middle finger.

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