BBC Token Review: a Scam! -

BBC Token Review: a Scam!

BBC Token is a new form of Cryptocurrency built around smart BTC|ETH contracts.

The owners of BBC Token claim their app is designed for Crypto enthusiasts who want to hold Crypto in their wallets while maintaining complete control over their assets and earning tokens in the process.

The contract fees for this token is $50. Participants are required to pay half the amount ($25) in BBC Token and the other half in USD.

This fee is supposed to take care of verification of contract holders.

They claim that this token is only available in the BBC Token community and nowhere else.

BBC Token review

They also claim their app is unique because it’s the world’s first No fund rise unique community token available to Crypto enthusiasts.

This Crypto investing opportunity definitely sounds legit but confusing for new Crypto enthusiasts or those who are not familiar with the workings of the blockchain platform.

However, for those who have been around for quite some time and are aware of tokens, red flags are bound to pop up everywhere on this website.

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Is BBC Token Legit?

While it’s true that this platform is built on the decentralized Blochchain environment, the first concern is that the developers are not known.

They are presenting their app anonymously which raises questions regarding why they’re hiding.

Secondly, the modern ponzi scheme is built on the blockchain environment. is actually a blochchain ponzi scheme. The tokens do not have any meaningful value yet the developers want investors to buy them for $25.

The problem with such ponzi schemes is that they’ve mastered the art of deceiving the unsophisticated investor who might believe every story they say.

For example, the website claims that the investment opportunity is safe and security is their top priority.

This is the case with blockchain technology but we still don’t know if there are leakages that developers will exploit.

We have not seen the source code yet so we can’t completely trust their story on safety.

What is likely to happen is that BBC Token holders will ultimately be left with worthless tokens that can never be sold anywhere.

Promotion materials have already stated that this token is strictly for the BBC app community.

This means its market is limited to the community and not outside the app.

This presents a big problem since investors with a large amount of money in the app will be left stranded when it comes to getting their money out of the platform.


This is a modern ponzi scheme and not a legit Crypto investment opportunity.

These tokens are worthless, so don’t be happy when you accumulate a number of them.

The shock of your life will come when it is time to convert them into real money.

The bottom line is that people should avoid this scam at all cost.

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