Basecamp Trading Review: The Drew Day Scam!

I’ve not seen a lot of Basecamp Trading reviews on the internet and so chances are that majority of you who are reading this review of Base Camp Trading will love to hear the news.

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First of all, this is a trading school run by A-class and deceptive Twitter marketers. Secondly, there are so many trading products on sale here. Everything costs money. By the time you go through the seminars, the mentorships, the trading indicators and so on, you will have spent at least $6,000. Think about it.

Base Camp Trading is selling a bunch of useless trading indicators, private mentorship and educational seminars.

The original site ( used to be run by some 3 dudes: Mark Helweg, Thomas Wood and Dave Aquino. They’ve re-branded Value Charts to what we know today as Basecamp Trading.

The Founder uses the name Drew Day. It’s not clear whether or not he is using an alias. All I know is that many naive traders, hoping to make overnight riches, must spend countless of dollars on this trading school to pursue a unicorn.

I wonder whether Drew Day or the other guys he is allegedly running this business with are even qualified to dish out investment advice to anyone.

Is the trading info provided at BaseCampTrading any genuine? No, it is absolutely useless.

There are 20 indicators and 32 workshops at These trading indicators cost anywhere between $140 and $2,000.

BaseCamp trading indicators

When you’re about to believe that you’ve spent your top dollar on trading products and that you don’t need to purchase additional trading items, Drew Day (the owner of Base Camp Trading) reminds that you need to buy more products from his trading workshop.

The cheapest trading lesson will cost you $7 while the most expensive trading product goes for $2000. You need to take all of these trading courses plus some indicators in order to become a professional trader.

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Welcome and thanks for reading this Base Camp Trading review! There are so many silver-tongued internet marketers who sell snake oil to unsuspecting traders.

Think of the following trading services when I say snake oil marketers.

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Base Camp Trading Review

This landing page ( appears on my radar and when I go through it, I discover that the trading educator is selling access to a trading room.

They say this normally costs $147 per month but they’ll let you in for $97 a month. When I checked, I also discovered that Drew Day and his team were charging $7 for 30 days and after this, they would start charging $97 monthly.

In this trading room, traders get access to the following:

(a) Futures, Forex, Stocks and Options trading look-over-the-shoulder mentorship

(b) 4 core trading style courses (videos, audio and articles showing trade setups)

(c) Daily trade commentary and analysis

(d) 10-minutes or less Base Camp Trading Weekly Outlook

(e) Private member-only chat

(f) New member orientation (live)

To make it look real and something of value, Drew Day and his team have uploaded a bunch of testimonials from people who claim to have made money following the trades on the live trading room.

base camp trading Platinum Membership

The 30-day Trading Challenge

Base Camp Trading offers a 30 day trading challenge where students are promised that they’ll learn a long list of skills in trading within a period of one month.

The things they promise here are ridiculous and are sort of sounding like marketing gimmick. This is further backed by screenshots of alleged student profits. These figures have not been verified or audited by a third party either.

base camp trading profits

In the BaseCampTrading 30-day trading challenge, Drew Day wants to teach students why they’re losing money, how to find good quality trades without looking at the computer, how to find and use simple and easy trading strategy, etc.

The list of what is promised can be seen in the screenshot below… I’m tired of listing all of the snake oil items found on this 30-day trading challenge.

All of this goes for $7.

Once a student passes this 30-day trading challenge, they will be handed free access to the Base Camp Trading room.

Check out the screenshot below for a complete list of features provided during this 30-day trading challenge.

base camp Trading Challenge

As you can see, I’m almost exhausted listing down all of this information. How do we ascertain the quality of the products sold here even before we can invest?

Are the trading indicators, workshops and instructional videos really of quality?

Base Camp Trading review: Who is Mark Helwig, Dave Aquino and Thomas Wood?

All of these trading gurus are using fancy titles to make them sound like they are experts in the subject of trading.

I’ve seen titles like Investment Software Developer, Director of Trading Operations, Hedge Fund Manager, advisor to thousands of traders world wide, Partner of Supero Capital, Quantitative Engineer, Patent Holder and so on.

In reality, the bottom line is just the bottom line. None of these guys can prove that they trade and make money consistently on a live broker account.

So what?

So you must understand that these fancy titles and snake oil trading indicators are easy to get distracted by. As the one who investigates and publishes a review like this, I must only focus on the things that matter.

Things like trading rooms, quality of products sold there, evidence of successful live trading etc are on the top of my priority list.

Base Camp Trading review – here’s how you get scammed

Inside the trading room, students don’t get performance disclosure. While each one of these people proclaim to be full time professional traders, not a single one of the students has ever glanced at their trading history.

The first thing I did in this trading room was to look for actionable information or trade recommendation. I combed through the recorded screenshots for this information because there was lots of talking. I was even annoyed because the trading moderators kept on talking and not trading.

This kind of hollow talk is unacceptable in a trading room managed by Investment Software Developer, Director of Trading Operations, Hedge Fund Manager etc.

Thomas Wood of Base Camp Trading was clearly paper trading or using a simulated account. A real trade station account must have things like balance, real time summary and account number at the bottom right hand of the screen.

These shady marketing tactics are deceptive.

Thomas of Base Camp Trading is one hell of a joke

I sneaked into Thomas’ inbox using an alias email just to find out why Thomas was not calling live trades. Instead of getting a typical response such as “I am sorry, I missed out on this one during the last trading room. I will make up.”, I ended up with a denial message stating that Thomas is always posting live trades on his Twitter and Stocktwits accounts.

Now, I check one of those Tweets to confirm that indeed these are live, actionable trade recommendations from Tom’s Twitter account.

What I find is quite ridiculous. In his Tweets, he is posting generic messages like the following:

a break below 155 10/32 should cause prices to move lower.

He is not saying whether he is taking a trade or using a take profit or stop loss. He does not even say whether he is trading at all.

Finally, 24 hours later, Thomas is beating himself on the chest that he made money through this trade.

What a great trade guys! Lets take profits and head to the Red Lobster for unlimited bread sticks and bible study.


Honestly there’s a lot of crap in the Base Camp Trading website. When I dig deeper, I end up being confronted with the core of lies.

The more I dig deeper, the more it become apparent that Drew Day, Thomas or any of the trading educators here are not traders at all.

It’s painful, fraudulent, deceptive and unacceptable. The guys behind this typical run-of-the-mill scam don’t provide any evidence of live trading or anything like trading history.

I would love to hear what you guys say about this trading school.

Thank you for reading this Base Camp Trading review.

11 Responses to “Basecamp Trading Review: The Drew Day Scam!”

  1. Michael Klyce says:

    I started with them about a year ago and its turned my trading around. I went from losing money to becoming profitable. The methods used are time tested price action trading. They never said I would get rich quick just that I would learn better consistency. From your review I don’t believe much time in their trading rooms or attended any of the work shops. Sad because someone struggling like I was could definitely benefit from their mentorship.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This review is nonsense, I started w/ Dave Aquino about 6 months ago, and it’s been legit. Saved my trading, and I tried around 10 other most popular services first. This has been the most positively productive one by far.

    1. I know you’re an affiliate. Don’t worry.

  3. Marcus Barnes says:

    I don’t agree with the comments in this review on Thomas Wood and Mark Helwig. I use a combination of Thomas Wood and Mark Helwig (currently with Top Trade Tools) trading setups/strategies in futures, commodities and stocks and it has significantly improved my day/swing trading. I also find value in the Base Camp Trading Futures room as the concepts I have learned and use in my day trading are constantly being reinforced by the moderator Thomas Wood. I prefer to select and execute on my own trades so I don’t typically take trades from the room but I do view the futures trading room as a valuable learning/reinforcement tool.

    1. Robert Maldonado says:

      I can teach you how I earn $500 a day, without spending in crap courses like that one. Real traders make money by trading not by selling courses.

      1. give us your track record and we’ll believe you. Thanks

      2. SCOTT H CRAVEN says:

        Hi Robert…I would like to hear your approach to the markets which allows you to take out $500/day consistently…Scott

  4. Claudio Airo says:

    Thanks for this review. It confirmed my suspicions.

  5. scott says:

    glad for the review

  6. Ye says:

    you should lookup them up in FINRA to know if they’re legit.

    I found Dave Aquino’s record and he is what he claims to be

  7. MikeP says:

    Is there a reason Mark Helwig is included in the review? He’s not listed on the site. I came upon him during the Wealth365 online summit last week where he gave over a one-hour webinar for 3xOptions Monday Method technique and service. There were screenshots of trades and accounts (obviously no personally identifiable info) but he listed his trading picks for a random week, winners and losers, with charts for many of them showing what went right and wrong.

    None of the other guys were mentioned.

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