Bank of Lunar Review: Scam (How to Recover Your Money)

Bank of Lunar which is operated from the domain is an illegal financial service and a scam. Anybody wanting to recover their lost money should VISIT THIS LINK for more instructions.

It is falsely using the name of a company called Bank of Lunar Limited to feign legitimacy. Bank of Lunar Limited is a Maltese Licensed company while is the misleading scam.

Actually they’ve stolen the name of another company with the intent of deceiving the public and stealing their money. As a matter of fact, this scam has already been blacklisted by the MFSA (Malta Financial Authority). It means if you do business with them, you are risking the loss of your hard-earned money.

What does Bank of Lunar claim to offer?

The scam is purporting to offer CFDs trading and banking services combined into one platform. Their website claims that is transpareny and is a ‘trusted savings partner’.

The service also claims to offer Islamic banking because they want to scam the Muslim community as well.

However, they are not telling us about their CFDs trading services in details. They don’t provide spread and leverage information or what minimum deposit is required to open an account.

This is the number one red flag and sign that Bank of Lunar is not a transparent business but a platform that will scam you of your deposit.

Who is bankoflunar

The website is supposedly an Ireland credited institution. They lie to potential victims that they’ve held a financial license since 2010.

They also claim to be regulated by the  Ireland Financial Services Authority (IFSA) which is false. Our investigations found out that the platform is not regulated by any entity.

Their marketing declarations also claim that Bank of Lunar is participating in Ireland’s Depositor Compensation Scheme. This is some kind of insurance that is supposed to compensate investors in case the company collapses. Unfortunately they are not participating in this insurance either. It is all a lie.

Bank of Lunar are big scammers

The points to take note of is that these guys are thieves and international scammers. They’ve already been blacklisted by financial regulators because of their misconduct and deceitful acts.

Since they are not licensed, you can be sure that any big deposits into the company’s bank accounts will be stolen.

An unregulated financial institution does not have the obligation of treating you as a customer. All they care about is their selfish needs.

This is why they will go to an extent of calling you on the phone to pursuade you to make a deposit after which they will steal your money.

Their targets are people who are financially desperate. These may include single mothers and those who are looking to save for their retirement.

The Conclusion

Avoid bankoflunar because the authorities can’t be wrong. If they say it is a scam, you better look elsewhere for your Forex trading needs. 

Thank you for reading this review. Stay safe.