B-cube.ai Review

B-cube.ai provides what they call “institutional-grade AI generated” trading signals for Cryptocurrencies.

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B-cube.ai also states that their trading program is accurate, easy to follow and has proven track record since Sep 17th 2019.

The trading software uses Technical Analysis, Sentiment Analysis along with 10 other trading strategies.

It is also easy to use and integrates with your account for automatic execution of trades.

However, managing of portfolio across multiple exchanges is something the team plans to introduce later.

b-cube.ai review
B-cube.ai homepage

This review of B-cube.ai will let you know whether the bot is truly profitable as claimed on the sales page or not.

B-cube.ai review

The website introduces the team behind this project and claim they are experienced in finance and technology.

B-cube.ai introduces Guruprasad Venkatesha as the CEO of the project.

Other team members have also been listed on the site for our viewing pleasure.

The company is operating from their two offices in Hungary and France respectively.

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So far, that’s everything that the sales page has published.

No information about pricing has been published either. The 10 strategies which they claim to use in their b-cube.ai bot are also not known.

There’s only some basic explanations of how trading works with B-cube.ai.

First of all, they say their Crypto bot uses machine learning and AI technology.

Secondly, they say this is combined with historical data to generate signals in real time.

From the sales page, I don’t see anything that makes B-cube.ai any unique compared to the options available in the market right now.

Should you use B-cube.ai bot for trading Crypto?

In the beginning of this review, I promised to let you know whether this bot would be viable for your investment.

You should first check out Bitsgap Crypto bot because the vendor is providing more information about how their bot works and why you should use it.

They are very honest and transparent, plus trials are also available.

The reason I don’t think B cube ai is a good alternative is because the vendor is not as transparent as I was expecting.

Vendors of trading products who pass this test are often included in our list of recommended trading products.

B-cube.ai does not seem to have the qualifications, at least from the way their sales page reads and feels.

They even claim to have a track record of performance since 2019.

They would have provided it for traders to see if the track record is good and sustainable.


Thanks for reading the B-cube.ai review.

Nearly every vendor out there uses the phrase “AI and machine learning” technology to try marketing their products.

All we want is demonstrated track record of performance. This sales page does not provide any.

Generally, this particular vendor’s sales page does not provide enough information about their bot.

It only touches on general information related to trading of Crypto using bots.

Also, the team’s Linkedin profiles have not been provided, so it’s difficult to know what they were up to before launching of B-cube.ai.

One Response to B-cube.ai Review

  1. Hello,

    I am the CEO of b-cube.ai

    Sadly, Your review is misleading and done without any research.

    Firstly, You will find all the details of our approach, methodology, historical performance & pricing when you register on the website which is free of cost. We do not provide information on the first page of the website itself but people should register and login to get all the details.

    Secondly, It is true that we do not provide any free trial.

    Thirdly, Our Business model is very unique. We charge a one time entry fee of 3% on the capital amount and then profit sharing of 20% on monthly basis above high watermark. So we earn only when our client earns. Everyone is busy just taking their subscription fees but we are the only one having this business model. If you are still thinking of 3% entry fees then you cannot show any other bots over there which has the level of performance that we have having so low fees and no subscription fees.

    Finally, Linkedin accounts of every single person in the team is on the website. You just have to click the linkedin logo on our pictures. You can see my past when I was featured in the national media with my first asset management company in stock market. I will share with you the news paper link here for your reference


    You can always promote other bots or companies but don’t mock others who are honest (to use it as an opportunity to promote someone) because ignorance is not innocence. I hope this will find you well.

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