Avis Trader Review: The Alexander Soares Scam

Welcome to the Avis Trader review. Avistrader.com is a trading school owned and operated by Alexander Soares.

The website was registered in November 2017 but Alexander Soares claims that he has a track record of 5 years trading contracts.

The Avis Trader website has a “performance results” section where “profits” are posted from the year 2015.

You can look at the screenshot below for your viewing pleasure.

avis trader performance results

The above “trading results” are unverified and nobody knows the truth concerning these numbers.

With such phony trading performance, Mr. Alexander is able to convince the financially desperate to folk out $50,000 in the name of investing in managed trading accounts.

Mr. Alexander of Avis Trader is also offering a live chat room at a cost of $299/monthly or $2870/yearly.

Subscribers are promised live mentoring and “authentic trading results” just like in the picture above.

In addition to this, he teaches 100% mechanical rule-based trading system which eliminates emotions and works with all markets.

Mr. Alexander is also claiming to use a combination of price action, momentum, support and resistance, volatility and market structure.

In fact, this guy also promotes his trading education and live chatroom on YouTube where he charges $59 for trial.

Only profits are posted, no losses are ever revealed.

Once the subscriber sees the “profits”, the student is suckered into paying an additional $599 for a one-on-one mentoring experience.

They will be provides support through TeamViewer software and also offered four 90 minutes session of coaching.

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Is Avis Trader legit?

Let’s be honest. We don’t trust Alexander Soares and his trading performance.

ALEXANDER SOARES of avis trader

This dude is an incredible internet marketer.

Even his website is linking to news organizations like Bloomberg and publishing a “testimonial” from Emmett Moore of Tradingschools.org.

This guy is crazy. He does not have a verifiable trading performance that proves his alleged 58% annual ROI.

However, he continues to make these phony claims, at the same time signing up on trading forums using multiple accounts with different pseudos.

He is definitely an aggressive internet marketer but a failed trader. He is definitely making fun of your intelligence.

With all the money that you’re going to pay, you will receive nothing in return other than generalized investment advice with no verifiable trading results.

Avis Trader is definitely an investment circus.


An investment charlatan will promise good trading performance if you pay X amount of dollars to join their chatroom.

Honestly if they are this good at trading, they wouldn’t be too desperate to find new subscribers.

They would simply trade their own money and make themselves wealthy.

Each day we write a review like this one, we always get a response from an agitated victim claiming they never made money like what was promised in the promotion material.

The best asset managers with a strong track record will never hit 50% annual ROI.

So what do you think will become of someone who claims to generate 58% annual ROI when they do not have a track record of profitable trading?