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Autobot Triangle Review: Scam or Best Algo Trading Software?

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Autobot Triangle claims their Forex robot is currently dominating the charts using a “smart grid strategy”. At the same time, this developer denies that Autobot Triangle EA is not a grid strategy robot and neither does it scalp.

So we actually don’t know what to believe and because of this, I’ll try my best to analyze what I’ve understood concerning Autobot Triangle Forex EA and its trading logic.

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Welcome to the Autobot Triangle review.

First of all, the developer proclaims that profits of this EA are anywhere between 30% to 100% monthly.

They want traders to know that their Forex robot has the most advanced real time algorithm code ever used in an expert advisor software. 

autobot triangle forex robot review

The vendor appears to be coming from India since the website is optimized with tags such as “best FX algo trading software India”, “best Forex robot India” and so on.

However, they’re not disclosing their identity, development experience or their specific location in India.

They can be reached by phone or live chat. They’ve left their phone number +91-7021663660 for anyone interested in making inquires about their Autobot Triangle Forex EA.

Autobot Triangle Review

Most of the website is filled up with strategy tester reports indicating that the vendor tried their strategy on one specific pair, GBPJPY.

They want traders to know that Autobot Triangle Forex EA is optimized for volatile pairs only and will also work well on ECN brokers with MT4 trading software.

They claim to have tested this Forex robot in the month of May 2019 between 4 to 9 days.

In the firsts strategy tester report, Autobot Triangle allegedly traded for 4 days and gained 106.94%.

In the second strategy tester report, Autobot Triangle traded for 4 days and gained 78.2%.

In the third report, the vendor claims their FX robot gained 521.19%. It allegedly traded for 9 days only.

These kind of returns are impressive but too good to be true.

Most of us with no significant trading experience will get excited when they see these numbers. However, the reality is that markets do change a lot.

A Forex robot can be on the winning side now but it will only be a matter of time before the algorithm fails it due to changing market behavior.

If there are no updates to catch up with the changing markets, the robot will end up eroding an account for that matter.

The vendor also wants traders to know that the Autobot Triangle is already optimized and there will be no need to tinker with the settings during installation.

In addition to this, they reassure the community that their expert advisor does not lag behind because trades are managed in real time.

They claim it can trade like humans and therefore brokers won’t detect any unusual activities on your account.

My understanding is that if you use a broker with no positive reputation, chances are that they will never accept trading with any robot that consistently makes profits.

So your safest bet is to stick with brokers who are fully regulated and are reputable. 

Trading strategy of Autobot Triangle EA

The developer explains the entry strategy and the specific market structure that their EA trades.

They tell the community that this Forex robot looks for the past 41 days data in order to find entries.

They also claim that with the smart grid strategy, we can avoid sideways or ranging markets because these reduce the profitability of this expert advisor.

Therefore, it’s quite apparent that the Autobot Triangle is a trend trader as the developer confesses that in a trend, their EA wins trades with 100% accuracy.

This statement sounds interesting indeed and we cannot just give them the benefit of doubt if we’ve not had an opportunity to see the trading performance or even tested it ourselves.

They also claim that in a ranging market, the Autobot Triangle will trade with 50% accuracy meaning that out of 10 trades, it will either win or lose 5 trades.

They also tell us that the robot does not open trades in a sideways market.

They provide probabilities of entries not being made in a sideways market. According to them, the probability of this not happening is 6 out of 10.

Autobot Triangle EA review: Breakdown of features

  • MT4  √
  • MT5  ×
  • Timeframes: all
  • VPS: Needed
  • Broker: ECN
  • Strategy: smart grid, no scalping or martingale
  • Pairs: GBPNZD GBPJPY EURJPY GBPAUD EURNZD GBPUSD or any high volatility currency pair
  • Recommended starting capital: $1,000
  • Price of a license: $499 to $2,499
  • Money Back guarantee: 7 days on condition that trading conditions in the strategy tester report are perfectly simulated

There are 4 license types but the first one is a free license for those who want to test Autobot Triangle on a demo account.

autobot triangle licenses

The other 3 license types cater for 1, 10 or unlimited live trading accounts. All of the license will accommodate an unlimited number of demos and lifetime updates.

The developer says this robot trades in a manner that broker won’t see your position.

This is a very common sales pitch in the Forex robot marketplace. But I have never come across any Forex robot user saying how this feature is useful.

Trading results

There are no live, verifiable trading results except strategy tester results.

I don’t know about you but for me, I don’t take strategy testing very seriously.

Not only do they waste time, but there’s no point in using strategy tester reports if you can use a statement sharing platform such as

If the robot works as claimed, the vendor should not fear hooking their live account with platform and displaying statistics from there.

With this platform, we can easily view monthly returns, draw down, average number of pips per trade and so on.

However, if a developer comes to us claiming that their EA makes 30-100% monthly, we can’t just take their word for it.

Those results are not normal and certainly there needs to be concrete proof supporting the same.


I’ve skipped the reviews or customer feedback part of Autobot Triangle EA because there are currently no online reviews about this Forex robot.

What I would like the developer to do is to prove their 30-100% monthly results through a more transparent statement sharing platform.

Yes, we can use the free license to test the Autobot Triangle Forex robot. However, not every trader out there wants to spend time in testing.

Most of us are impatient and want a working product right away.

Thanks for reading this Autobot Triangle review. I would like to hear your opinion in the comment area. I am not recommending this robot today.

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  1. Worst software and services. Do not at all go for it, for feedback call 9921981335
    Once product sold no result guaranty, you will loose all money, there is no negative rating otherwise i would have given.

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