Auto Crypto Trader Review: Is a Scam?

Welcome to the Auto Crypto Trader review.

Did this company scam you? Are you facing difficulty withdrawing money out of this broker?

You can recover your money here with 100% success rate! is offering a “free” Crypto trading bot which they claim is sophisticated and is designed by “professional market programmers”.

Auto Crypto Trader is purported to trade the Cryptocurrency market with an accuracy rate of 86.53%.

On top of this, the vendor claims that the app is highly intuitive, efficient and ideal for all traders who don’t want to spend time analyzing the Crypto market.

The website is very professional and aesthetically attractive. It might look like the person behind this project knows the game like the palm of his hands.

Auto Crypto Trader review

However, when we dig deeper into the pages, we discover that no real strategy is being talked about and definitely results are unverified.

In fact, reviews from “traders who use Auto Crypto Trader” were published by the anonymous owner of this Crypto robot.

They’re suspicious because they can only be found on the sales page and not in any other place around the internet.

It is obvious that these reviews are fabricated.

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The vendor is probably going to pay for more fake reviews and endorsement on another scam forum called Trust Pilot.

We suspect that Auto Crypto Trader is either owned or associated with, a website that publishes reviews of trading products.

The vendor lists their physical address as 58 Union Terrace, London, United Kingdom E15 6NY and can be contacted using the email

Since this app looks and feels like the usual generic Crypto trading bots which litter the internet every time Bitcoin price goes up, we felt that there was no need to contact them either.

At this point, we feel compelled to direct all of you traders to sign up with legitimate Crypto bots that have a reputation.

Visit this page if you came here wondering whether AutoCryptoTrader is legit because we’ve already given you the answer.

It’s not legit. It’s the same software as EA Boss, FX Mover, Auto Bot Triangle among others.

Auto Crypto Trader review

There is a lot of text on the landing page of this Crypto bot.

A lot of it feels quite vague and probably copied from some other websites selling Crypto robots similar to this one.

Another thing we observed was that this website looked similar in design to that of Verified Robot.

Verified Robot is a scam that is possibly associated with the owner of AutoCryptoTrader.

In fact, the website has text talking about Verified Robot because the editor forgot to replace the name with that of the robot they’re promoting.

They’ve repeated this mistake in another part of their website by forgetting that they were talking about Auto Crypto Bot.

Instead, they talk about another Crypto trading app called Gekko.

These errors are obviously present because the owner of Auto Crypto Trader did not put any work in the creation of their robot.

If that is the case, they can’t afford to offer it for “free”.

Their explanation as to why they’re offering it for free is also vague.

When someone claims they have put a lot of work in programming a robot that trades Bitcoin with 86% win rate, there is no way they’ll start distributing copies free of charge.

Trading strategy of Auto Crypto Trader

They’ve listed a bunch of generic Crypto buying strategies and are claiming those strategies will make money for the user on auto pilot.

They mention the most basic trading strategies such as Gain, Bollinger Band and Step Gain.

If you have traded the financial markets for any length of time, you should be aware of the fact that these things are called indicators.

They’re not called strategies.

Indicators are not a sure bet and if you depend on them entirely for your trading, whether they’re automated or not, you will not even see anything close to a 50% win rate, forget 86%.

To trade with an indicator, you must know how to trade in the first place. You should know how support and resistance zones look like.

You should know how a candlestick looks like.

Then you can trade with an indicator that is designed by traders and programmers who know trading, not the vice versa.

There is also a claim that this Crypto bot is using AI technology to open and close trades in profit. We feel that these claims are unsubstantiated.

Is AutoCryptoTrader a Scam?

In our reviews, we usually look for authentic trading results in addition to what people are saying about the product we’re reviewing.

One common trend that we’ve observed among cheap scam artist in the financial markets is that they like to use sales jargon and marketing tricks to sell their robots rather than using proven trading results.

In the case of this Crypto bot, we’re seeing very funny “trading results”

Generic pictures have been listed alongside profit figures which they claim to have earned. Right below the income figures, you’ll find a link that says “Open account”.

Auto Crypto Trader trading results

This link is going to collect information such as your name, email and phone number.

This information is going to be distributed to a broker or a Crypto exchange (most likely a shady broker).

After this happens, the corny artists will convince you to deposit at least $250 if you can’t afford their recommended 500 USD.

They’ll even give you access to a demo trading platform that can be connected to the robot they’re promoting.

In this demo, a Crypto bot like Auto Crypto Trader will win nearly all trades.

Now, think about it: a trading robot winning all trades and charging nothing for a license?

It’s shocking and this raises eyebrows.


We’re convinced that the owners of Auto Crypto Trader are shady corn artists.

The supposed Crypto bot which they’re distributing for free on the internet has no real capability of trading Bitcoin to consistently earn profits.

Furthermore, they’re leading you to trade with Crypto CFDs brokers. These brokers are most likely unregulated.

To persuade the trading community that this bot is different from the usual scams, the vendor must provided verified trading results, not fabricated ones.

Thanks for reading this Auto Crypto Trader review. Don’t sign up.

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