ASJ Forex Global Review: A Scam, plus how to recover your money is a poorly-designed website (ASJ Forex Global) that is also operating as a Forex and CFDs broker. They’ve scammed many victims and we do not want this to continue anymore. So if you lost money to this scam or any other corny investment fraud, GET HELP HERE as soon as possible. Recovering your lost funds is now a possibility. 

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ASJ Forex Global is intended to appeal to traders and investors of the Asian origin. The website is available in Chinese, Japanese and Korean language.

One look at ASJ Forex Global’s website confirms that it is indeed a scam. Even the domain is a very poor choice of words.

Since they did a bad job in trying to conceal their agenda, we had an easy time deciphering the scam, and we got an opportunity to write a quick review.

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ASJ Forex Global aka Review

It is easy to spot lies on the website of ASJ Forex Global. The broker claims to be operating out of Hong Kong but says they are licensed by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network in US.

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network is not a Forex and CFDs regulatory body. So they cannot provide licenses to Forex brokers.

In short, ASJ Forex Global is not licensed at all. If they are based in Hong Kong, then they should at least have a license from the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission.

I’m afraid that this isn’t the case either. In short, no guarantees that they will uplold transparency.

They continue to operate in defiance like Solid ECN and Mtrading which are not properly regulated or licensed. They are a scam to say the least.

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ASJ Forex Global and other lies

They claim to provide 6 different trading platforms but we see that MT5 is the only platform that they offer.

Information about account types and spreads is not available either. It can be hard to tell what the minimum deposit is.

However, since this broker is a scam, we expect them to operate in this way. Transparency is something they don’t like.

They also claim that was registered in 2009 but this is not true since says the broker’s website appeared on the internet in August of 2021.

How the ASJ Forex Global scam works

The trick is to target victims that are deemed to be gullible. In this case they have chosen Asians (for whatever reason best known to them).

They want to encourage as many deposits as possible. The broker will often trick traders by posting fake profits.

This is because these unlicensed traders normally trade against their clients, and can easily fool their customers by giving them a profit in every trade.

After some time, ASJ Forex Global will deny withdrawal requests. If you get them to talk to you, they will tell you that your KYC documents are not in order, hence withdrawals cannot be permitted.

What to do when you are scammed by

You can be helped to recover your lost money by going directly to this page and filling out a form.

Consultations with the money recovery agency is free and results are sure.

Many victims however keep quiet because they think once money is gone, it cannot be recovered.

This is a big fat lie.

The Conclusion

ASJ Forex Global is a scam whose owners are somehow lazy because they don’t even bother to put up a convincing website.

If you have ever delt with this broker, share your experience in the comment section as these go a long way in helping other traders avoid the trap.

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  1. Nening says:

    We are a victim of this ASJ. Its too painful that we lost our hard earned money.

  2. Mary Ann sison says:

    Kindly help me r3vover my capital.pls

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