Asia Associates Review

Asia Associates is a portfolio manager purporting to operate from Hong Kong with the intention of providing “bespoke Investment strategies“.

The process of investing with Asia Associates involves going through KYC, examining and discussing strategy, presenting recommendations and implementing the strategy.

No returns have been promised yet. In addition to this, it’s not clear why Asia Associates is not regulated by the Securities and Futures Commissions of Hong Kong.

Furthermore, ownership details don’t exist. This is in addition to the fact that details of the company are scanty.

They allegedly have two officers: One in Hong Kong and the other in South Korea.

The company has a caveat on their website that states that due to VOIP policies in South Korea, calls need to go through the international switchboard in Hong Kong.

Is Asia Associates legit?

No, Asia Associates is not a legitimate portfolio manager.

asia associates review
Asia Associates website

Nonetheless, the website continues to present its services from the perspective of a legitimate portfolio manager.

Among the things they promise include:

  1. Fully transparency
  2. Audited portfolio reporting’
  3. Effective tax management
  4. Full ownership of investment by the investor
  5. Ease of administration

Other than personalized wealth advisory services, the business also provides its services to corporate entities too.

Details of the service continue to remain scanty and the website continues to be suspicious.

Should you invest with Asia Associates?

The answer is no. Even if you were to invest, the question is how much do they intend to take from you as minimum deposit?

Secondly, what assurance can they give to show that funds of their clients are safe?

Thirdly, Asia Associates is an unregulated offshore broker dealer. The physical location of their two officers can neither be established.

Their style of operation is risky to investors because they basically force victims to send them money through a series of follow-up phone calls.

Also, this entity is not a registered company. Not only do they operate without the financial regulator’s license, but their company or business does not seem to have been registered in either of the countries mentioned on the sales page.


Thanks for reading my Asia Associates review. An unregulated broker dealer is a no.

They’ve done a shoddy job at presenting their business to the world.

All I know is that there’s a real possibility of losing your money if you trust this broker dealer to do it for you.

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    I need assistance as to retrieve monies I invested with Asia Associates – I have the names and people involved. Can you perhaps assist as a matter of urgency

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