Arya Trader Review: Are their Forex Robots good?

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Arya Trader sells multiple licenses for their Forex robots. They claim that their robots are designed with AI technology.

Nearly every Forex service provider is claiming that they work with AI trading tools. Check our review of Win FX, a managed account provider claiming to use AI technology on managed accounts.

Anyway, Arya Trader provides ready-made trading portfolios. Traders who wish to use them can simply create an account on Arya Trader’s website.

Arya Trader review

Arya Trader also operates or is associates with websites like and I’m not sure whether they own

They introduce their platform by stating that Arya Trader is a marketplace of more than 20,000 Forex robots.

They claim that their Forex robots are stable software that “work with the highest level structure in the Forex robot series”.

The meaning of the above statement doesn’t come out quite clearly.

In fact, there are lots of grammar errors on their website and this makes it a bit difficult to understand their explanations.

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However, Arya Trader website is providing a lot of text on their website including demonstration videos to help the community understand their Forex robots.

Background of this developer is not known yet. However, their website indicates that the team is operating out of Bulgaria.

This explains the poor grammar on their website but as long as we can grasp the main idea, this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Arya Trader review

These Forex robots are designed to work on the MT4 trading software.

The developer claims that the Forex EAs don’t scalp and hence will be allowed by all MT4 brokers.

They promise the community that they’ll soon produce Forex EAs for MT5 trading platform as well.

Arya Trader EAs are allegedly equipped with multiple options that make the work of a trader easier.

For example, if traders have no idea which robot or set of robots to use, they can enter their account balance, lot size and profit target.

This action will in term reveal which Arya Trader EAs are the best for those requirements.

The developer also tells us that we can combine two or more Forex robots to produce ready-made portfolio.

Selection of the Forex robots can also be done based on risk levels. Recommended account balance for getting started with these EAs is $500.

Arya Trader lists a number of advantages associated with their EAs. They claim the following:

  • More than 20k robots on one platform
  • Selection and deletion of robots is possible based on trader’s preference
  • Minimizing of risk by opening one trade at a time (no multiple positions at once)
  • Broker-friendly (no scalping)
  • Helpful video demonstration showing robot’s functions and portfolio-adding options

There are 4 licenses in total which are sold via the Click2Sell affiliate platform.

It appears these Forex robots by Arya Trader have multiple useful options but again, additional information about trading logic would be appreciated instead of saying the robots use AI technology for trading.

While it’s true that the developer had demonstrated what the robots do and how they do it (using short video clips), there is some vagueness in the way that information has been presented.

They only demonstrate how the robots make entries, exits plus how to install and add portfolios.

There are several video clips that show the working of the robots in form of chart indicators.

But this is no concrete information to explain the procedure behind their alleged success of Arya Trader Forex robots.

Arya Trader Review: Licenses

[tabs][tab title=”Simple”]License: $30

Duration: 1 month

1 robot

Unlimited changing option

MT4: Yes

[/tab] [tab title=”6 pcs package”]License: $60

Duration: 1 month

6 robots

Unlimited changing option

You can add your robot when you want to

[/tab] [tab title=”6 pcs package (6 months)”]License: $295

Duration: 6 months

6 robots

Unlimited changing option

You can add your robot when you want to

[/tab] [tab title=”6 pcs package (12 months”]License: $495

Duration: 1 year

6 robots

Unlimited changing option

You can add your robot when you want to


In addition to the above licenses, Arya Trader is offering a free signals app for Windows desktop. This can be downloaded directly from their website.

While the above licenses can be said to be quite affordable (a good Forex robot costs $200 on average), the community would need much more to be convinced that these EAs are worth their time and money.

The basic license costs $30 and runs for one month. I think the vendor is treating this license as paid trial.

In case traders don’t want to commit much upfront, they can use this license to test the robots and if they’re good, they can perhaps extent to a 6 month’s license.

Generally, I like it when FX robot developers are putting their money where their mouths are.

While we understand that this team is focused on building Forex robots, we should also see an honest attempt to demonstrate that their robots are good enough to warrant people to pay for them.

In that case, a myfxbook account could come handy.

It would allow us to see how the robots perform on a live account settings in addition to the profit figures posted in every 30 days.

Unfortunately, Arya Trader is only showing us videos of supposed trading performance.

Arya Trader trading results

I do not expect them to be 100% transparent because a developer selling a Forex robot cannot do a good job providing trusted performance unless they use a platform like


I usually add a section for customer feedback in every review that I write.

However, the reason I missed that section today is because Arya Trader does not have any customer reviews at the moment.

While I appreciate the effort that the developer used to make their presentation, I would really like to see feedback from real users, i.e how their accounts grew, what draw down they experienced etc.

At the moment I’m seated on the fence when it comes to deciding whether or not Arya Trader Forex robots are worth the investment.

Thanks for reading this Arya Trader review. If you’ve used their Forex robots before, please leave your comment.

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  1. Robert Halterman says:

    They have 24/7 live Youtube channel since Oct. It’s a bit sketchy to me for sure. Just a heads up to warn everyone to be careful with robots and traders without 1 year Myfxbook or investor password to their mt4 terminal via regulated broker account.

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