Arvis Capital Limited Review: a Scam (Invest Markets)

Arvis Capital Limited is a Belize-based investment firm that runs Invest Markets ( Toumpaka Limited is the payment processor that is facilitating the scam as they handle all deposits from unsuspecting consumers. But you should not use Invest Markets or any other CFDs trading platform when there are good brokers to use for your trading. And obviously successful trading comes with the right knowlege and tools. I listed the best Forex and CFds signals resources here for purposes of helping the community attain success in trading.

Arvis Capital Limited review: the lying website

Now that they’re based in an offshore location which is infamous for haboring Forex and Crypto scams, the site needs to convince investors that they are different from, lets say FT Trading and other fraudulent brokers.

Also, for that reason, they promise ‘security of funds’ which is clearly not possible due to the weak regulations that characterizes a jurisdiction such as Belize.

So in as much as Arvis Capital Limited is claiming that they will keep your money in segregated accounts, the truth is that this promise will not be realized, thus your investment will be at risk all the time.

Secondly, they claim that traders will attain financial knowledge on their platform because they offer education materials.

The problem with this promise is that no shady broker can train you to become a successful trader. Their job is to offer you a trading platform, not to train you. Furthermore, there’s always this conflict of interest which makes it impossible to make money from their platforms. So training you to become a ‘successful trader’ is just an empty promise.

And there’s also the talk of employing a professional team. We assume that the entity is referring to the people that work at Invest Markets.

If this is the case, then we don’t expect to see many complaints against Invest Markets with regards to their inability to process withdrawal requests.

Offshore regulation of Invest Markets and Arvis Capital Limited is still risky

On this website, we don’t recommend trading with offshore CFds brokers as they are known to mishandle their traders, even shutting down their accounts in a bid to steal whatever money is left therein.

Good Forex and CFDs brokers are mainly based in US, UK, Australia or Canada. These jurisdictions have strong regulations which help warn scammers from the industry. If a broker wants to sidestep the rules, they’d rather set up office in an offshore location, consequently making their clients vulnerable to their scamming intents.

Unfavorable trading conditions on the Arvis Capital Limited owned platform

They charge abnormal spreads on the Invest Markets platform, and this is consistent with offshore brokers who ignore good business ethics.

The VIP trading account which is supposed to be cheaper charges 1.6 pips on the EURUSD pair. This pair attracts 1.3 pips or less on the standard accounts for most legit brokers.

So how is VIP more expensive than what we see in other broker’s platforms?

How to recover your money if you were scammed by Invest Markets

Invest Markets is accepting a minimum deposit of $250 but if you want to upgrade, you can see that the deposit requirement will shoot to $25,000.

The reason for wanting to upgrade is because you may need better trading conditions which are not found in a standard account. But this is also where your problems will begin since you are depositing a lot of money which puts you at risk of a financial disaster if the broker turns out to be an idiot.

If for some reason you have suffered a big loss, I ask you to request a chargeback by completing the form in this review or presenting your case via the live chat which can be found down below.

The Conclusion

Invest Markets is the avenue through which Arvis Capital Limited is scamming traders. Not only are they doing it through super expensive spreads, but they’re also getting complaints from traders who suggested that Invest Markets refused to process their withdrawals.

One thing I have also noticed is that the company is investing in PR and advertising so that it can appear legit.

The robbers have made sure that the top 3 or 4 Google results are just positive reviews of the company. Negative reviews are quite limited until you dig deeper and find a can of warms.

Stay away from or any website owned and operated by Arvis Capital Limited.