Arbtrader Signals Review: Scam or Leaders in Forex Trading?

Welcome to the Arbtrader Signals review. Arbtrader Signals is providing both free and paid Forex and Crypto trading signals. They feel that they can help those struggling with trading.

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They believe that traders can also learn by simply utilizing Arbtrader Signals’s free trade alerts for a limited period of time.

On the other hand, clients who want to automate their trades can setup copy trading with this signal vendor respectively.

As for the Crypto trading service, Arb Trader Signals wants traders to know that they help with basic things like opening a Crypto wallet to purchasing coins that will be profitable.

In addition to this, the vendor feels that there’s a lot of information on the internet regarding Forex trading and by simply trading the signals they provide, their consumers can quickly learn how to trade in the shortest time.

According to, this signal provider has been around since January 2015.

The vendor’s contact us page suggests that Arbtrader Signals is operating from London UK.

However, traders providing signals to clients of Arbtrader Signals have never been introduced anywhere on the sales page.

Arbtrader Signals review forex Trading Alerts And Education

We feel that introducing their market analysts and traders would have gone a notch higher in creating an environment of trust between them and their clients.

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Nonetheless, we’ll review their signal service and let you know whether it’s worth paying money to remain a subscriber of Arbtrader Signals.

Arbtrader Signals review

The vendor’s website is straight forward and quite upfront when it comes to the service they offer.

Traders looking for a serious signal provider for Forex or Cryptocurrencies can quickly believe that they’ve found what they’re looking for.

It immediately becomes clear that Arbtrader Signals is providing Forex signals, Crypto signals, copy trading and can even recommend the “right broker”.

For us, we need to go into details to be sure that we’re recommending the right signal provider, not a signal provider with a convincing sales copy.

Arb Trader Signals is also publishing their free Forex and Crypto signals on their website for everyone to follow even if they’re not signed up.

Most of the trade alerts are long-term in nature which basically means that traders looking for scalping opportunities will greatly feel disappointed.

Arbtrader Signals website has also published a few “video testimonials” to convince traders that their service really pays.

At this point, we would need to look at the pricing, what we’re getting and whether or not this signal provider can show us their trading results.

Arbtrader Signals review: signal details

There are 3 signal packages offered by this vendor. They’re offering both intraday and end of day signals.

The 3 signal packages come with details that let traders know what to expect if they subscribe.

Each one of the packages come with a trade plan and journal. In addition to this, Arbtrader Signals will send alerts through email, web and mobile app.

Intraday signals are sent out between 07:30 – 16:30 GMT while end of day trading signals are sent at 23:59 GMT.

Traders wanting to utilize Arbtrader Signals will need to keep timing so as not to enter trades at the wrong time.

If they can’t be on the computer for some reason, the best option they can take is the copy trading software which Arbtrader Signals is offering for free so long as traders are using MT4 platform.

Forex signals attract a monthly subscription of $79, same as their Crypto package. A combination of the two packages will cost $1 then $99 per month thereafter.

This is in line with what competitors like Forex Signals Club, Copy Trade Income are charging their customers.

And we implore traders to sign up for the trial or utilize the free signals on their website rather than committing funds upfront.

Arbtrader Signals trading results

This vendor does not seem to care about using third-party verified trading results to persuade traders.

They’re however using video testimonials with screenshots showing how their traders are withdrawing funds from a Crypto exchange.

They’re also showing us screenshots of their Telegram channel to create the impression that Arb trader Signals never lose.

With this kind of presentation, it becomes quite difficult to verify the alleged trading results. That is why we always insist that signal vendors must use a statement sharing service like

There’s nothing that prevents Arb trader Signals from creating a profile and publicizing their results on the platform.

In addition to authenticity, it makes our work easier when it comes to analyzing the figures and the trends of their trading account.

Consumer reviews

Arbtrader Signals has attracted some reviews from customers across the internet.

However, the authenticity of these reviews is something that cannot be verified as there are a mix of positive and extremely negative ones.

Most of the positive reviews don’t appear to be genuine because they’re extremely short in nature while the negative ones are detailed.

This is just our speculation as we don’t have any truth regarding how these reviews were written.

We just don’t want to give the supposed traders the benefit of doubt at this time.


Arbtrader Signals can be said to be at least considerate because they’re providing free Forex and Crypto signals for testing.

The best thing that a trader can do is to test the free signals first before they can commit any payment to the project.

However, Arbtrader Signals would have avoided this situation very easily if they provided their myfxbook profile for our verification.

Thanks for reading this Arb trader Signals review. Let’s here what the community has to say in the comment section.

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