Arbitron EA Review: The Leapfx Forex Scam

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Arbitron system is a Forex robot created by Leapfx. Leapfx has created many automated trading systems since they emerged in 2012. 

However, Arbitron EA seems to be an interesting product to start with.

The developer makes aggressive claims to the point that every trader must believe it’s a scam.

And for sure when I come across statements such as “From $1,000 to $22,522 in 1.5 Months”, “From $1,000 to $346,741 in 2 Months” etc, I can only suspect that the developer is an internet marketer and a cheat probably.

Arbitron ea review LeapFX

Arbitron EA uses “premium direct price feed” and is able to “detect where the price of a currency will be seconds before it happens”.

It is able to open and close trades within seconds so as to collect profits undetected.

LeapFX claims it’s beginner-friendly, easy to setup and does not require tinkering with to find the right settings.

Arbitron EA is just one of the many products that was released by LeapFX besides trading systems like Star Trader, Leapfx Trading Academy, Power Trader software and many more.

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Many people including myself believe that this developer is rushing to produce multiple products within a short duration.

With so many products at hand, one might not be sure whether ample support will be provided to licensed buyers.

My opinion in this Arbitron EA review are based on facts and logic.

I have enough information about Arbitron system already.

However, one thing I believe is that 90% of the content on the sales page is overselling the EA and so the less experienced trader might miss some facts concerning arbitrage trading.

By the way, Leapfx team can be contacted using

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Arbitron EA review

Leapfx has created a very classy sales page for the sake of promoting Arbitron EA and the trading results which they purport to have achieved.

The team believes that arbitrage trading is the perfect way to trade the Forex market.

They even compare this system with Stock market insider trading and reminds us that insider trading is illegal while arbitrage trading in Forex is actually legal.

The main selling point for the Arbitron system is that instead of predicting the market, the algorithm is designed to compare price feed against your broker’s so it can with 100% certainty, predict where price will move next.

Arbitron EA is therefore purported to work under fast execution and low latency trading environment.

To persuade the trading community further, the owners of Arbitron EA even list a number of “myths” regarding arbitrage trading.

Some of the “myths” they’ve talked about and “debunked” include:

  • Arbitrage trading is illegal but your broker cannot prove it
  • Scam brokers can accuse you of arbitrage trading to deny you profits
  • MT4 isn’t suitable for this type of trading
  • It’s not easy to find the fastest price feed
  • There’s no delay between fast and slow brokers

While some of the statements above actually hold water, others are just a ploy to make you see why Arbitron EA is possibly the real deal.

Arbitron EA review: the strategy

I’ve not seen any Forex EA successfully making profits with arbitrage trading.

Many have attempted to developed expert advisors within this arena and failed.

However, leapfx team believe they can provide a real EA that trades using arbitrage strategy.

The strategy sounds very basic but in reality, it is complex and not easy to implement in an EA;

Software uses algorithm to compare price feed between fastest and slowest brokers.

Some traders have even alleged that Arbitron EA is not an arbitrage strategy robot since it opens trades very slowly and manage them just like any normal EA would do.

I’m not sure where the truth lies because leapfx claims this EA has a cloaking module that hides the strategy from any broker, thus making trades look like ordinary ones.

Product Breakdown

[tabs][tab title=”Trading Strategy”]Arbitrage trading[/tab] [tab title=”Pricing”]There are two licenses. $347 monthly for 3 months or a one-off payment of $799[/tab] [tab title=”Time frame”]1 minute timeframe[/tab] [tab title=”Currency pairs”]All currency pairs[/tab][/tabs]

One thing I’ve observed is that pricing of the Arbitron system is somehow weird.

Real arbitrage trading requires data/price feed subscription and this can be very expensive.

Some people have paid in excess of $200K and based on this fact, I believe the pricing of Arbitron system is just too good to be true.

I would like the developer to address this concern as soon as they read this Arbitron EA review.

Trading results for the Arbitron system

Leapfx has provided multiple account statements from platforms like myfxbook and FXblue.

They claim that they’re using this EA to make a lot of money.

They make it look like they’re putting their money where their mouth is by trading a live account with this EA.

Consequently, they’re showing us accounts that have gained 3902.39% within a space of 1 month using this EA.

However, I suspect that leapfx has a sinister motive in showing us these “results”.

One particular account is showing gains of +1159.09% while absolute gain is just +38.2%.

Arbitron ea System by leapfx Myfxbook

Essentially, these myfxbook figures should be the same.

If you see such a wide gap, it means the developer is replenishing their account with their own money instead of building the account with profits from the market.

Unfortunately, most (if not all) of the accounts have this gap between gains and absolute gains.

It means the developer is cheating by adding money to make the equity curve climb higher even when there’s a big draw down.

These stats above were collected between September and December 2019. This is a very small data sample to even work with.

Furthermore, draw down is high and unacceptable.

In addition to this, leapfx has also provided results for a demo account.

The gains look impressive but since it’s a demo, the developer cannot cheat us that they’re making money with this EA.

Arbitron System review by leapfx Myfxbook

In the above image, gains and absolute gains are the same meaning the developer didn’t replenish the account with virtual money (it’s a demo account).

Nonetheless, I still ask myself why leap fx is using a demo account when their sales page claims they’re using Arbitron EA to make a lot of money.

I will not bother to go through all the results because I can already see issues with every account presented on the sales page for our analysis.


This was one hell of an interesting review because as I went through the sales page to learn more about Arbitron EA, I discovered intriguing details.

The claims made by leap fx are unrealistic to say the least. The results section of the sales page provides likes to statement sharing services like myfxbook and fxblue.

However, my analysis can confirm that leapfx is probably hiding something which they don’t want traders to know about.

Every time I went through the results, I discovered that they were either using a demo or replenishing accounts with their own money after suffering a draw down.

I do not have confidence in this product at all. So I would never recommend it to anyone.

Thanks for reading this Arbitron EA review. I would love to read your comments regarding the same.

5 Responses to “Arbitron EA Review: The Leapfx Forex Scam”

  1. Thabangom says:

    Bought the EA with a 3 month plan. Got set up over December with XM Global as broker. EA made a loss. Was advised December is quiet period. In January, losses increased. This time I was told I should try a recommended broker. Changed to recommended broker – EA placed no trades ! Logged a support request that got answered after 48 hours without resolving the issue. Decided to cut losses and move on before paying the final$347. Think twice before buying this EA

  2. Arbitron says:

    Real Results Arbitron LeapFX

  3. Arbitron says:

    Real results Arbitron LeapFX

  4. Arbitron says:

    I have a bad experience with this LeapFX Arbitron robot.
    I set up my robot and I didn’t get any results in a month
    I asked the money back. They told me they’d give me the setup to get results
    They set my robot six times.
    in 3 months I destroyed 2 bills.
    the third account went to minus but I stopped it. The company does not return the money.
    expensive product that doesn’t work.
    misleading advertising

  5. john benson says:

    It does appear that the results LeapFx shows in their adverts is excessive in relation to the method used to gain them. i.e. gaining price moves from a fast latency feed and sending them to clients with a slow latency price feed. Since the Fx market is abound with small moves, how does LeapFX know these moves are meaningful in terms of a sensible trend move? Just look at the ticker chart on MT4.

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