App Bitcoin Future Review: A Scam (Keep off

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App Bitcoin Future is a website that deals in the area of Distributed Ledger Technology and in Crypto exchange transactions. The website is accessible from and aims to steal from people who wish to quickly exchange from one Crypto to another. Furthermore, the platform is offering “crazy profit” for any given transaction.

Before you fall for the lie, read this App Bitcoin Future review and keep in mind that it cannot be a legitimate Crypto exchange no matter what.

Also, if you have lost funds in this type of scam, please go to this page and follow the necessary steps to recover your funds.

Is a scam?

We took note of several red flags that make this site look like a typical scam. Even the choice of the domain name is quite suspicious. Which Crypto exchange has dashes in its domain name? Most Cryptocurrency exchanges have very short and fancy names.

4 Reasons why you should not trust App Bitcoin Future

These are 5 solid reasons why you cannot trust that this website will return your money.

1)An unauthorized and unregulated Crypto exchange

This fake Crypto exchange has been flagged by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC) because the platform does not have a valid license from the financial regulator yet they continue to target clients/victims in that area.

The commission has stated that Crypto exchange activities are regulated in Gibraltar and a platform cannot legally offer this financial service when they do not have a license.

The exchange has created a fake GFSC license and posted it on their website to achieve some form of credibility. Beware.

2) uses lies to achieve credibility

The platform claims that they’re owned and operated by Herofintechs Ltd in Hong Kong.

This company was founded in May 2019 but the most shocking thing is that this company’s profile does not associate itself with the website

The company in question used to have a website at but it seems this site is now defunct.

These findings kill confidence.

3)The Crypto exchange does not introduce its owners

Every legitimate Crypto exchange out here has a CEO or a President or some sort of executive team and this info is easy to find online.

App Bitcoin Future does not provide this information anywhere on their website.

It remains an anonymous site that cannot be trusted with funds.

4)No reviews for App Bitcoin Future

It seems that the scam is not popular just yet. There are not so many visitors to the website.

Remember that a legitimate Crypto exchange will always attract some feedback from its users whether positive or negative. does not attract any kind of online feedback. It means nobody uses their service.

Conclusion of this App Bitcoin Future review

This is a site run by another poor scammer attempting his luck at stealing Crypto.

We’re not sure whether someone may fall for the cheap trick.

How can you send Bitcoin to an anonymous person who does not have any form of digital footprint online or legal identity?

It seems the platform is targeting the financially vulnerable. This category of people don’t question the scammers. They’re simply motivated by the quick profits or fair rates of the platform.

The platform is offering unreasonable profit for carrying out transactions on their platform.

For example, the exchange calculator is suggesting that if you send 0.1 BTC, you can get more than double ETH in return. How is that even possible?

That said, if you’re a Crypto trader, keep off such sites as there are a couple of decent exchanges that you can use out here. Those exchanges even have Escrow so that in the worst case scenario, you get back your funds.

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