Apollo Fintech Review: GSX Coin Scam (gsxcde.com)

Apollo Fintech (gsxcde.com) claims to offer a coin known as GSX which is also backed by Gold, Land and US dollar reserves.

The current price of GSX coin is $0.046 and this price is apparently going to increase as more assets are added.

Apollo Fintech is confident that investors of GSX coin are going to achieve guaranteed high returns which are paid in yearly dividends.

According to their own speculations, the value of GSX coin is going to increase by 500% in 2021.

These projections are suspicious because they’re not based on any hard data.

In addition to this, Apollo Fintech is inviting investors to buy GSX coin today on the promise that they’ll get a 60+ bonus.

Unfortunately, there are serious issues with this project which is why we can’t include it into our list of recommended trading and investment resources.

Apollo Fintech review

In this review, we’ll let you know whether gsxcde.com is a project you can trust or not.

Is Apollo Fintech Legit?

No, this project is not a legit investment and those who actually buy GSX coin will all lose their money.

Our observation is based on the following facts:

  • The website is offering guaranteed and super-high returns.
  • The claim that GSX coin is backed by Gold, land and USD reserves ($1.4 billion) cannot be verified.
  • Ownership information is not known
  • This coin launch requires SEC approval which they do not have
  • Appollo Fintech has the hallmark of a scam

The GSX coin scam

GSX coin is a worthless Cryptocurrency not backed by anything.

But the lie that surround this coin will convince you that it is very safe to purchase the coin.

The truth is that no independent audits will be done.

No 50% of unsold coins will be burned. Dividends won’t be paid either.

Can you recover money lost through Apollo Fintech scam?

If you’ve lost a significant sum of money to this ponzi scheme, you can recover your money.

Simply visit this page and sign up.


This scam will definitely suck many people in and even trick them to invest a lot of money.

What you must know is that the website is not offering a legit Cryptocurrency worth investing in.

They will probably scam you by disappearing and leaving you with nowhere to sell your coin or recover your USD.

  • Lol.. Apollo Fintech is far from a Scam.. Who even wrote this?
    It owns massive Gold mining site in Zimbabwe (GSX)
    Apollo has accomplished many thing most crypto projects can only dream of.
    It’s own and Fastest Blockchain (I’ve used it) transactions are faster then XRP.. I have again made several transfers on both block chains (bold claim I know but it has always taken way less time then XRP)

    Has a National Payment Platform to allow countries to adapt to Blockchain or even their own CBDCs.

    Has stratus.

    Has own exchange.

    Own wallets!

    Yes it does need tweaking to make it well oiled machine, which is expected of project of this Size and Magnitude!

    Ceo is always in Telegram, actively involved ✌️💯

    • I just lost $5000.00 USD. I’ve been scammed. My coins simply disappeared from their website after 6 months of holding the coins. I bought in at .10 cents.

  • I also bought at 10 cents , then there was no help at all to transfer tax coin to the aollo wallet I guess. Very frustrating.

  • Apollo Fintech is a definite scam: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3233704.20

    Steve McCullah has lied about everything as seen in the above link on Bitcointalk. From fake billboards in the USA promoting themselves, lied about the gold mines, and his past history of claiming to be the owner of famous companies, however when looked into Steve has a reputation of having businesses with similar names to trick people.

    Then we have his T&C where anyone in the USA cannot buy, but in telegram he says that is nt true, he just has to say that. lol

    This is so sad that many people are falling for this.

  • I’m glad I didn’t buy GSX Coin last year … it was 10 cents (0.1 $) and now it’s 4 cents (0.04 $) … it’s clearly a scam!!!