Review: Risky Forex Broker (Scam Warning) is a Forex brokerage website whose parent company is called ANTRUSH GROUP LTD (or at least we’re assume so because scammers can lie). The company was incorporated in January 14th 2022, meaning that they’ve been in operation for less than 3 months (as at the time of writing this review). Unfortunately, this broker lies that they were incorporated in the year 2000. The problem with Antrush is that it is a risky brokerage. It is not worth trading with them as you will most likely lose your money. The financial regulators can’t do anything because it appears the broker is not even located in Australia. Regardless, Antrush is a broker that cannot be trusted or even considered when it comes to discussing professional brokers who don’t scam traders.

Antrush is currently offering “rich global investment varieties”. They claim that their platform is secure and fast to use for trading. We have disapproved this claim because Antrush is currently being accused of freezing clients’ accounts with the intention of stealing their money. For that reason, we feel that even the best trading and investing products recommended here won’t work as good on this broker’s platform since there is a chance you will outsmart the broker, thereby making huge profits but when it comes to withdrawals, they will deny you the profits. Review: Background information

There is a huge confusion in terms of whether or not Antrush is truly ASIC regulated.

When I did my research here, I found out that the company which is registered by the ASIC is called Ant Group Pty Limited. The website of Ant Group Pty ltd is now defunct as you can see here (

Now, keep in mind that this broker’s parent company is Antrush Group Ltd and not Ant Group Ltd.

This confusion is somehow intentional. Antrush wants to feign legitimacy by misleading people because they are aware of the fact that many people will never tell the difference.

In short, we’re questioning their supposed ASIC license because the website of this broker does not even have their reference number either. Sounds fishy.

The company has gone ahead to upload a supposed licensing form from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (Department of the Teasury). We know that such an agency does not regulate or issue out licenses to Forex brokers. is possibly lying about their regulatory information. We dismiss their claim of having a valid Forex and CFDs broker’s license.

These tricks are outdated as we’ve seen scams like Bit Forex Global and OrientalFX telling white lies and getting embarrassed in the process.

Antrush and the information they don’t want you to know

Now, if you check their information, you will see that the person who registered the domain is from Hong Kong. The contact person is from Hong Kong as opposed to Australia.

And the company in question is registered as Antrush Group Limited and not Ant Group Limited.

What does this tell you? It tells you not to trust the broker at all cost. They’re smart just like this latest scam called Duxci.

Account type, minimum deposit, spreads and leverage

The fake broker does not disclose what the minimum deposit is. However, they are a typical scam site that runs the popular MT5 trading platform.

Information about spreads is hard to come by. However, we saw that they were willing to fool us with a maximum leverage of up to 1:200.

What to do if you have been scammed by Antrust

As soon as you open the website, you will see how eager they are to take your money. The live chat will be so active — someone engaging you even if you don’t want to talk.

This is why some people fall for the trick. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of losing money to this broker, you can ask for a chargeback.

Even Crypto chargeback is possible — just ask in the live chat to have your case assessed without any obligations.

The Conclusion

This is a very clever scam but this warning will help you avoid them because over the years, we’ve learned to spot thieves from afar.

We don’t want you to undergo unnecessary pain of getting your account frozen without thousands of dollars inside.

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