Analysed Options Review: It’s a Scam Binary Options Broker

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Analysed Options is a very interesting binary options broker.

Their domain can be found at and based on the, one can conclude that this is not a straight-forward broker.

They’re purporting to run their business from New York but claiming to be regulated by IFSC of Belize and Financial Conduct Authority of the UK.

This mix-up proves this shady broker is lying about their location and regulatory status.

While they claim to offer binary options for trading, the site also indicates that it is offering trading in Forex and spreads.

Analysed Options review Forex and CFD broker

They promise trading with “100% confidence and 100% assurance of profits.” On top of this, the broker promises 100% withdrawal of profits instantly.

To feign legitimacy, Analysed Options even claims that they are the most recognized broker in the industry.

The above statements don’t contain any factual information as none of them can be verified.

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In as much as this broker claims to offer trading in Forex and even stocks and Cryptocurrencies, there’s no evidence that this is the case.

Traders don’t have to sign up to discover it because nowhere on this website have they mentioned the use of MT4 trading platform.

At the same time, this broker claims to offer the “best trading platform”. The question is how?

If anything, one would ask whether Analysed Options is a legit broker worth trading with.

[alert-success]If you want to trade Forex pairs, you should use reputable brokers who are also well regulated. [/alert-success]

Analysed Options review

Analysed Options does not look like a legitimate brokerage operation.

In fact, their website has minimalist information concerning what they do. They’ve included generic images for Forex, Crypto and stocks to fill up space.

We didn’t feel compelled to sign up because there was no reason to waste time doing so.

The sales pitch is vague and the presentation is very different from what you would find on a genuine broker’s website.

There’s only a login portal and a chart which has been incorporated on the dashboard for users who want to “buy” or “Sell” binary options.

And of course the “broker” is also providing a means to deposit and withdraw funds out of their system.

The returns promised by this broker are quite lucrative as they claim traders will earn 350% in their first investment.

These returns are allegedly guaranteed. The question is where on the internet can people guarantee such returns?

Hedge funds have never guaranteed any returns and more so big returns that look unrealistic?

Why you’ll get scammed by Analysed Options

First of all, this broker is claiming to be associated with RichField Trading. This is not the case as we have confirmed and found that they’re not related at all.

Richfield Trading’s website says their only brand is 24Option. 24option is also a binary options broker with not so good a reputation.

Therefore, it seems this broker is lying about their affiliation with the above company.

Secondly, this broker is not regulated which is why they are not providing their license numbers.

In fact, we’ve also visited FCA and NFA websites and found that this company is not registered in any of them.

This begs the question of why Analysed Options is lying about their regulatory status. If they’re straight forward, their act of honesty should backed with proof.

If they are not regulated, then it certainly means that traders’ funds are not protected in any way.

This also means that thieves are running a business in the name of Analysed Options.

We’re 100% certain that the broker is not based in the US as claimed on the sales page.

US has some of the strictest regulatory standards and the SEC will never allow a broker like Analysed Options to offer securities to its citizens.

In fact, CFTC is also rewarding whistleblowers for reporting scams like Analysed Options. You can check their website here for more information.

Please note that a case is treated as eligible for a reward only after it meets certain criteria. has won multiple rewards in the past, so there’s definitely money to be made in this program.

The point is, we do not see how Analysed Options can successfully run their business in the US. That is why we believe this scam is not based in New York as claimed on the sales page.

And what’s up with the fake award badges on their website?

That’s food for thought.


You cannot think that you’re investing with a broker like Analysed Options because you’ll obviously lose whatever deposit you place in their website.

These brokers normally refuse to process withdrawals because funds go straight to an individual’s bank account.

Because they’re scam artists, they use the money for their own selfish needs. Keep off Analysed Options or any other unregulated broker.

Of course we seek to hear your opinion regarding this Analysed Options review.

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3 Responses to “Analysed Options Review: It’s a Scam Binary Options Broker”

  1. I work for a(Recovery Company), and I can tell you that for all intents and purposes, at this point in history, Bitcoin is very Recoverable, unfortunately.
    And further, anyone who claims that they can recover your Bitcoin but you have to pay Upfront is only trying to scam you. Try them – they’ll say they can do it, then a few days to a week later, they’ll call you back and say that they recovered it, but you have to pay them a “release fee” or “recovery fee”, or some other made up fee. After you pay their “fee,” they disappear. Please don’t get scammed. You can get your money recoverred without having to pay a dime.

    1. grasniche kroz says:

      Great Review. very satisfied with their services

  2. says:

    i invested in OPTIONSXO some months back . everything seemed okay because i kept on contacting them during the period i invested and in turn they replied to all my questions. i was promised profit in a short space of time this really got me going as i could see the profits in my account. i had a lot of plans for my funds because my mortgage will soon be due. i decided to add more funds into the platform and i made even more profit . Then i decided to withdraw all my funds, it got declined. i tried it more than once but the same thing occurred. i tried contacting the broker but he didn’t reply then all of a sudden i was logged out and couldn’t log in again. that’s when i realized i have been scammed. i asked people around how to go about it and i was referred to a recovery expert who got all my funds back.

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