American Hartford Gold Review – Beware of

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American Hartford Gold is a company whose website has been around since May 2018. The website offers Self-directed IRAs & precious metals investing. The company purports to help investors build their retirement portfolio of Gold, Silver and other precious metals. The company’s main selling point is that that a precious metals IRA helps individuals enjoy benefits of tax-free growth on their earnings.

The company has embarked on an aggressive marketing strategy where no matter what you do, you will always see 5 star ratings of this company. Folks are confessing how this Los Angeles based company is the best when it comes to buying and selling of precious metals.

American Hartford Gold suggests that it will help with delivery of precious metals to your doorstep or help with rolling-over of your 401(k). It appears that this business is thriving based on fear. Individuals are fearful because they believe that their Social Security won’t sufficiently take care of their financial needs. So when these individuals come across a company like, they believe that they’ve found an answer.

Is this company legit or a scam? Can it be trusted with matters IRA? And are you going to break the law by choosing this company for your precious metal IRA?

American Hartford Gold Review: Is it legit or a scam?

While this company has existed for a couple of years now, it does not necessarily mean that it won’t give you a raw deal. The fact that you can see many “positive reviews” out there does not mean that you should trust their website right away.

As you can see, this company (just like many others in the precious metals nitche) has an attractive website with promises that build trust.

You will see statements such as “#1 ranked Gold company, Over $1 billion precious metals delivered, Limited offer… claim your safe” etc.

These are high-pressure sales tactics. The website owner is using them to pressure you into making a decision quickly without thinking twice.

Many consumers are being defrauded when they see such statements. They end up believing that investing in precious metals is safer than putting their money in the traditional stock market.

A company like American Hartford Gold uses a name that inspires trust. It sounds like a trusted organization and this is because they want to build your trust.

They know that consumers are still optimistic on Gold investing and their retirement. So this company actually has ready consumers who desperately think their IRA will be safe when precious metals are added into the mix.

Unfortunately, by investing with a company like American Hartford Gold, a consumer could be breaking IRS rules. If you are found guilty, you will be paying the IRS 10% of your IRA.

If you had invested $50,000 in precious metals IRA, you would pay $500 to the IRS. What is more, the IRS has prohibited storing of precious metals at home and in the safes. The IRS wants that your precious metals should be stored by a qualified custodian who complies with the tax rules and regulations.

As it currently stands, consumers can buy precious metals from American Hartford Gold and store it at home…. which obviously goes against the IRS guidelines.

Now ask yourself why you should put yourself at risk of paying a fine to the IRS by investing with this firm.

American Hartford Gold reviews: Can you trust people?

Trustpilot is one of the major platforms that hosts the most number of positive reviews about this company. Many folks have pitched tent on the profile page of this company and heaping praises of how this company is the best.

However, verifying sources of these stellar reviews is not possible. The authenticity of these reviews is questionable because we already know that Trustpilot is a pay to play marketing scheme.

As soon as vendors pay hundreds of dollars per month to maintain their marketing profiles, they are free to channel as many positive reviews as they like.

Vendors also have access to a special button that can flag any negative review that appears on the marketing profile of those companies that pay to play.

In other words, a negative review will never appear on the marketing profile of a paying company. This is why there are hundreds of 5 star ratings for this company on the Trustpilot platform.

Can we trust reviews and ratings that are channeled in numbers overnight like elephant poop?

The Conclusion of this review

Do not trust these shiny websites selling Gold IRA as they are mostly going to deceive you… At least they have a way of acquiring customers using dishonest marketing tactics.

The consequences of their actions is that a consumer may be deceived and may find themselves in trouble later on.

We ask you to exercise caution when dealing with this company and if you have lost money to any precious metals scam, you can file a complaint here and recover your funds from that scam.

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