Review: Market Manipulator and Scam

At this point, it’s better to say that is a scam broker. This review touches on issues to do with withdrawals, KYC verification, trading platform and licensing of Amegafx.

We have observed that this broker is no different from because they both offer the same deceptive bonuses to gullible traders in order to refuse their withdrawal requests.

AmegaFX is from Saint Vincent And Grenadines, which is an infamous jurisdiction for Forex brokers that engage in illegal activities due to weak regulations.

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Their marketing materials suggest that the broker is a true STP/NDD trading platform. They also give the impression that trading with them is quite affordable.

However, it has turned out that committing your funds to this broker will result in you getting scammed.

While spreads are allegedly starting from 0.0 pips, majority of traders out there have reported abnormal slippage of between 10 to 20 points.

This suggests that the broker is actually doing all they can to scam victims. By presenting poor trading conditions, they can make huge profit overnight.

The only good thing about this broker is their website design, which is straight-forward to navigate and easy on the eye.

One would clearly see that AmegaFX is using the same tactics that ZeyFex and other scam brokers have used to lure victims.

They know that pretty web design is an attractive thing. If coupled with fake bonuses, they can easily trap traders and convince them to deposit money.

AmegaFX Lacks transparency

We want to know how to verify the returns that they are announcing on their PAMM accounts.

The broker is actually parading some “successful” traders on their website and enticing investors to commit $1,000 by opening a PAMM account and following the strategies of their traders.

The problem is that these profit figures cannot be independently verified. In fact, I do not see why AmegaFX should not request these traders to show their myfxbook profiles.

I would never follow strategies blindly if there’s no verifiable results. Realize that your money is involved and gambling should be the last thing in your mind when it comes to Forex trading.

No License, fake awards

The company behind this broker is known as Amega Markets LLC. They have listed their paying agent (which is allegedly based in the UK) but not told us whether they are regulated or not.

In any case they have a license, this should have been the first thing to read on their website.

Generally, offshore brokers are unlicensed. It does not catch us by surprise especially after seeing so many negative reviews of this broker.

Broker is also claiming to have won several awards from Global Brands and IAFT but truth be told — no awards have been won by a scam broker like AmegaFX.

I’ve seen this trick when visiting fraudulent investment websites like They should probably change tack if they want to deceive us.

Why so many negative reviews if AmegaFX is a legit broker?

So many people are lamenting over high slippage, mischevious bonus offers and inability to withdraw funds.

This is typical of scam Forex brokers. If you search the internet, you will see so many negative reviews of this broker.

The only 5 star ratings are from this broker and not legitimate clients.

The Conclusion

If you come across a review that seems to promote this broker, just know that the company is probably working with agents from all over the world who will promote their services based on affiliate partnership.

The ultimate goal is to fleece you and leave you minus your deposit. It is highly recommended that you avoid this company at all cost.