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Home » Blog Archive » Review: is Alt Signals Scam or Best Trading Signals? Review: is Alt Signals Scam or Best Trading Signals?

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Welcome to review.

Alt Signals is offering trade calls for Forex and Cryptocurrencies. They claim that they’ve helped traders since 2017.

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However, a quick lookup on reveals that the domain was created in April 2018. They’ve most likely told this lie to make it appear as if they’ve been around for quite some time.

Aside from this, they want the community to know that Altsignals is providing technical and fundamental analysis. They don’t want traders to just follow them blindly. has listed goals and core values which they want the community to know. These items include:

  • Continuously adapting to the changing market whether its a bull or bear market.
  • Providing quality trading signals at an affordable cost to traders
  • Coaching and helping traders open trades and profit in the long term

However, the most important announcement that Altsignals wants traders to know is that their signals have been running since 2017.

They believe that having provided trade calls for Forex and Crypto this long, chances of them disappearing overnight are quite slim.

While there’s emphasis on the launch date of their business, evidence suggests that these guys were nowhere to be seen in 2017.

AltSignals io review

Definitely this Altsignals review will be of great help to traders wanting to know more about the service.

We’re going to cover all aspects of the service and let you know whether it’s a viable option to invest in.

Altsignals review

Altsignals website is quite professional but there are signs of aggressive marketing all over it.

They’re using TrustPilot reviews to persuade traders to trust them yet it’s a known fact that TrustPilot reviews are usually manipulated provided the admins have received their cut.

Alt Signals website also reveals that someone called Rod is the founder. His Telegram account can be found here.

This service is similar to Margin Trading, which also specializes in providing trade calls for Cryptocurrency assets.

However, Altsignals is also an interesting service in the sense that the owner is aggressive when it comes to promoting their service.

The impression they’re creating towards the community is really a positive one.

So the only thing remaining is for traders to confirm that their help is genuine and their trade calls are really profitable.

So far, Altsignals has specialized in two products. Apart from trade calls, they’re also selling a Tradingview indicator for the price of 0.1 BTC.

This indicator is allegedly perfect for beginners and busy people as well.

It comes with a 20 page document for the tutorials, 8 indicators (simultaneously working together), compatibility with all pairs and time frames, risk management feature and so on.

AltSignals indicator review

The developer adds that common sense is required while using the indicator.

Since this is an indicator, not all traders might find it useful. Not all traders are lovers of trading indicators due to the shortcomings associating with lagging and repainting.

Besides, we feel that the price of this TradingView indicator is so high that the developer will need to provide outstanding trading results in order to justify the price tag.

As for the Altsignals trade calls, this information usually includes the pair to be traded, entry, take profit and stop loss.

The vendor does not give the specifics of risk management in their trade alerts, though this part was included in their Altsignals indicator package.

At the same time, they do believe that 3 things make up a good trader. These include risk management, strategy and mentality.

They believe that a good risk management strategy will ensure that only 0.5%-2% will be risked per trade.

Their projected returns is between 10% to 20% a month, which by the way is quite realistic.

Trading performance

Alt Signals has included a page on their website where clients can view their past trading results.

They first recorded trading results in August 2018. This reminds us of their initial claim that Altsignals began in 2017.

The truth is that if this vendor has had the patience to publish monthly results for every month since then, they must surely be more than able to include their results from day one.

Unfortunately this has not happened.

Furthermore, these trading results have not been independently verified. What we have here are just blue boxes showing wins, losses, returns and win rate.

Since this information is unverifiable, we can’t really give them the benefit of doubt at this time.

The reason is because the owner of Altsignals could be manipulating those results because there’s no way to confirm otherwise.

Altsignals reviews or community feedback

They have reviews of Alt Signals appearing on TrustPilot and a website called SafeTrading.

We’ve already ruled out TrustPilot because of its reputation.

Now we remain with SafeTrading. Safe Trading’s website is a reviews website for trading product and Altsignals also claims that it is a platform where traders and Crypto experts meet.

After reading Safe Trading’s Altsignals review, we notice weird claims which suggest that Alt Signals has 80,000 users and win rate is 97%.

Obviously this looks too good to be true. We don’t believe that this Crypto trading service can have this number of users and secondly, the win rate is not possible to sustain.

We believe that this is just a marketing ploy and not something that can be backed with any evidence.

Besides this, there’s no other feedback from any sources on the internet. Probably we should give it time to see whether reviews will keep coming.


Altsignals gives a positive impression but after looking at their trading performance, we feel that there’s no transparency at all.

We therefore won’t recommend them at this time.

We’d like them to correct this and secondly, we’d like them to disclose their trading methodology so we can decide whether the strategy is likely to make money in the long run.

The trading community is not likely to invest $99 per month or $1000 for a lifetime if they can’t be given a chance to try the quality of trade alerts free of charge.

Thanks for reading the Altsignals review. We’d like to hear your opinion regarding this service. Have you made money or did you lose money with Alt Signals?

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7 Comment on this post

  1. I’m doing my own research about different crypto services and came across your review which is full of shit tbh.
    1. I joined their free telegram and I could track their first messages to December 2017 so yes, technically they have been around since 2017. They just made the website several months later.
    2. Their 97% winrate was for just one month, it’s not their average winrate.
    On average their winrate is 60%-75% but they have had some pretty bad months too in which they had a 29% winrate.
    Also how can this be a review if you guys didn’t use their service anyway?

  2. If you love your money and you don’t want to loose with their rubbish signals stay away! When you contact that J. side kick he will laugh at you top of it. Stay well away. You sent a signals short for EOS made me percent 60 loss and your laughing at me! Stop doing this business dude! Anyway short while you will be stop. Nope DO NOT CONTACT ME that makes you bit low life lol I wont change this review stop taking peoples money and stop your rubbish signals, Peoples read 1-2 star review stay well avay. EOS wasnt closed at percent 19 it is already percent 64 your stoploss cost me 5000K!

  3. This is total scam!
    Lost 300 + 300 just on invesment on their VIP channel. All lies!

    Their saying about recovering your loses? You will lose all Your money!


  4. Lost 200 usd on their token pre-sale. Totaly scam. They called me and wanted me to add 2500usd in eth to get my new alt token back wich I didnt. STAY AWAY!

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