Alphaforexpro Review

In this review, we prove that Alphaforexpro Limited is a scam investment company. It is also cloning the details of an FCA regulated firm with a similar name.

AlphaForexPro also claims that it is regulated by FINTRAC in Canada when this is not true. Furthermore, Alphaforexpro is trying to feign legitimacy by talking about scams on their own website and suggesting that they are the legitimate investment website.

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Is Alphaforexpro legit?

The fraudulent website is trying every trick on its potential victims with the aim of attaining authenticity. They claim that their company is dealing with Crypto asset trading since 2017.

But when we cross-check these details, we find that the website is lying and that they copied these details from the website of the company which they’re cloning.

As a matter of fact, Alpha Forex Pro was not founded in 2017. They are just lying to make the website look like a legitimate source of wealth creation.

Because they are not regulated, they are a dangerous website to invest in. They’re currently stealing at least $250 from investors across the world.

They’ve also been blacklisted by UK’s financial regulator (the FCA) for cloning a legitimate company with the intention of deceiving investors.

This is certainly illegal. The website is not reliable and cannot be trusted.

Is your money safe?

The website is clearly pretending to generate revenue from Crypto trading when they are just paying out from their current customer’s deposits.

Alphaforexpro is running a business that looks like a ponzi scheme. This means that failure is imminent since the website is not going to last a very long time considering that ponzi schemes cannot sustain themselves in the long run.

Details of their CEO and team members are also not disclosed. You generally don’t want to invest in a website where the owners are not transparent.

Alphaforexpro Review: The conclusion

This website is a clever investment fraud involving Crypto. The regulators have said it is a high risk and guaranteed that it will scam investors.

Based on this, we urge you to avoid it at all cost. If you have been scammed, you can RECOVER YOUR LOST MONEY HERE.