Alphaex Capital Review: Is Legit or Scam?

Alphaex Capital offers two premium trading strategies and a free Forex course.

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The vendor believes that AEXD pattern strategy can foretell divergences before they happen.

In reality, prophesies and trading are worlds apart. Successful trading is about proper training, preparation and a mix of effective tools and resources to guide you through.

Anyone who claims they can foretell the precise direction of the market is a charlatan.

Alphaex Capital promotion materials even claim that the strategy follows the footprints of Market makers and institutional traders, thus giving retail traders an edge.

They believe that all the lessons taught out there about divergence is 50% wrong, and that traders cannot benefit from this information.

Alphaex Capital is also touting their Dinapoli Levels strategy.

The strategy uses Fibonacci levels and Alphaex Capital is making the same exact claim that trading educators out here teach the wrong thing.

Dinapoli strategy by Alphaex Capital is allegedly the secret source.

You want to trade Forex, Bonds, Stocks or Cryptocurrency? No problem. You will make money.

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Dinapoli strategy is all the magic you need. Alphaex Capital proclaims that this secret is the reason behind the success of thousands of traders.

Who is Alphaex Capital?

The vendor is from England and are operating as Alphaex Capital Limited.

Their about us page claim that their traders are accredited by the FCA and also the Chartered Institute of Investments and Securities.

The sales page further claims that their members are “practicing trading on a professional level”.

However, they did not provide names of people who are in charge of this company’s operations.

The website should definitely consider adding this piece of information to boost their credibility.

The cost of the products they sell

The Dinapoli strategy e-book is being sold for £157. The vendor claims that it was £249.

This is a well-known marketing strategy. I’ve been to this page several times in the past but didn’t find them selling the strategy for £249 or higher.

So most likely price will not increase except that traders will be forced to make decisions hastily, which could harm their finances.

On the other hand, they’re selling AEXD pattern strategy ebook for £67.

The vendor claims that this strategy is used by thousands of traders.

The homepage even declares that Alphaex Capital is turning beginners into confident and profit-pulling traders.

Whether this is true or false is another matter altogether.

Are traders using the products of Alphaex Capital Limited?

I’ve seen a couple of screenshots suggesting that the trading community is “happy with the products”.

The sales page is using TrustPilot ‘testimonials’ to convince buyers that purchasing either of these strategies is a worthwhile investment.

The Trustpilot website is a reputation management platform by the way, which means there is a conflict of interest between vendors and buyers.

The platform provides an avenue to peddle all kinds of investment products for a small fee.

When a vendor takes advantage of this platform (by paying them a subscription fee), they will unlock more features which enables them to somehow manipulate feedback.

In short, Trustpilot is the mecca of fake testimonials and reviews.

Nearly 80% of reviews that appear here are not from legitimate buyers.

This is why the trading community cannot use Trustpilot feedback to validate the strategies sold by Alphaex Capital.

Trading performance

Trading performance should be the only thing you use to determine whether an investment strategy is right for you.

Alphaex Capital does not post their brokerage statements to prove that they are professional traders and investors as claimed on their about us page.

The surest way to lose money in the financial markets is to pay someone who does not trade to teach you how to trade.

A big number of vendors selling Forex and other trading products are failures.

Ask them for a redacted broker statement and they’ll give you all the reasons as to why this cannot be produced.

If a strategy is so effective, I would like to see Alphaex Capital posting it on myfxbook and probably using a subscription pricing model instead of one-time payment.

At least I can use this chance to evaluate the monthly returns, drawdown and other metrics associated with trading.


So yes, there are ‘reviews’ on the internet about the product and services offered by Alphaex Capital.

Details of their free Forex course are available on their official website.

Why they rely on marketing materials as opposed to a statement sharing service like myfxbook is the big question.

I would therefore like this vendor to up his game and confront the trading community with what they’ve done in the past in terms of trading performance.

Otherwise, this is yet another booby trap where you can lose the cost of a pair of shoes.

If you have used this service before, I invite your comments and reviews.

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