Alpha Trade FX Review: An Investment Scam?

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Welcome to the Alpha Trade FX review. Alpha Trade FX claims to provide earning opportunity through Forex trading.

With regards to how they do it, the company’s website claims that they “copy successful traders'” through a LAMM setup.

Alpha Trade FX wants investors to believe that they have optimized risk management in place and they diversify asset class to spread risk.

In fact, they claim to invest in more than 250 stock market assets.

They only accept Bitcoin for their deposit and the minimum is $300.

Investment period is 7 days and they proclaim a ROI of 30% and a 2% withdrawal fees applies to the first 2 investment plans.

alpha trade fx review

They claim to be based in the UK. However, company owners are anonymous. How they expect investors to trust them with Bitcoin is the big question.

In addition to this, the sales page contains some contradicting information concerning their investment operations.

Elsewhere, they claim to trade binary options. Now it looks like they’re either confusing stock trading with binary options. We’re not sure what is going on here.

The website is very new and no reputation for investing or track record has been achieved.

According to, Alpha Trade FX was launched in August 2019.

Before you actually sign up for this, you need to read our Alpha Trade FX review to know whether or not this is a viable investment operation.

Alpha Trade FX review

At first, we thought this was a Forex brokerage website because their logo claims that they offer “refined trading platform”. Indeed there is neither MT4 nor MT5 trading platform.

What users are presented with is a dashboard where deposits and “withdrawals” can be made.

They’ve listed a wide range of services allegedly provided on their website. These include:

  • Bitcoin Trading
  • Buying and selling of coins
  • Bitcoin Investing
  • Forex trading
  • Binary options

The company does not provide details of ownership. In addition to this, no investment strategies have been discussed.

As an investor, one has the right to know how their accounts will be traded. They claim to use LAMM services to copy successful traders to the investors’ accounts.

We don’t know how a LAMM service would work for binary options trading. Furthermore, we’d love to know who these traders are and what their track record looks like before we can even trust them.

Unfortunately, AlphaTradeFX does not provide any of this information. This is a big red flag.

Alpha Trade FX review: Investment packs

There are 3 investment packs with too good to be true ROIs. They include the following:


$300 minimum deposit

  •  7 Days
  •  30% ROI
  •  2% Withdraw Charge
  •  10 Multiple Deposit
  •  Free Support


$450 to $1,000 minimum deposit

  •  7 Days
  •  50% ROI
  •  2% Withdraw Charge
  •  Unlimited Deposit
  •  Dedicated Support


$1,500 minimum deposit

  •  7 Days
  •  100% ROI
  •  0% Withdraw Charges
  •  Unlimited Deposit
  •  Dedicated Trade Expert/Support

Any reasonable person will think that the above “investment” plans are insane. The profits are not realistic.

This looks like a get rich quick scheme. Unless they provide us with their trading records, we can’t believe this nonsense.

Trading performance

A true hedge fund does not operate like Alpha Trade FX. They provide a solid track record of their investment activities and what they’ve achieved.

Alpha Trade FX does not provide a track record. In fact, they operate like the following investment scams:

SCK Securities

Wellington and York Partners

Dexau Enterprise

South West Capital Partners

They all have one thing in common: all of them don’t have a track record of their alleged investing.

Yet they claim to return handsome profits.

Why Alpha Trade FX is just a scam or illegal ponzi scheme

There’s no evidence that they will provide legitimate investment opportunity.

A website like AlphaTradeFX will probably run a ponzi scheme in the background where new investors are responsible for funding older members.

This ultimately will come to an end when new investors stop signing up and depositing. Older members will no longer earn anything.

90% of these ponzi scheme are a scam anyway. Once you deposit the $300, you will never see profit nor your initial deposit.

Alpha Trade FX is either the first or the second case.


This is going to leave you $300 broker. The people who run Alpha Trade FX cannot be disclosed because they have a plan to rob you and disappear into the wild wild west.

Avoid the scam and thanks for reading our Alpha Trade FX review. Kindly leave your comments behind.

Do you want to submit a broker or comment about their scam activities? BrokerProfile is the uncensored forum where you can discuss freely about good and bad trading service providers..

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  1. Do you want to submit a broker or comment about their scam activities? BrokerProfile is the uncensored forum where you can discuss freely about good and bad trading service providers..
  2. Clint francis fernandes

    i would suggest everyone to avoid these big scammer alpha FX. once you register they keep calling you like pests on your phone even if you tell them to get you off thier database, calls still come through. They are a bunch of Greedy Bastards just want your money, do not fall to prey to these people. BEWARE.

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