Alliance Limited Review

Alliance Limited is posing as a sleek investment manager for trading equities and returning 2% daily.

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Through their website (, they claim to be a “focused, boutique investment manager with 100% employee ownership”.

The minimum investment to get started is $100 and investment duration is up to 10 days.

Deposits are paid in Bitcoin only. Beware!

Furthermore, this website is “guaranteeing returns” as a result of saying they provide risk-free investing.

Alliance Limited has also insisted that their service is registered and regulated by ASIC in Australia.

I found out that registration details are ambiguous and licensing by the financial regulator ASIC is a lie.

In fact, Alliance Limited is cloning details of another Australian based company called ALLIANCE. CO PTY LTD.

This company was formed in 2004 while the one I’m reviewing here ( was created in September 2019.

Therefore, it cannot be true that Alliance Limited is the official website of ALLIANCE. CO PTY LTD.

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Is Alliance Limited Legit?

Considering that this website is promising 2% daily returns and up to 60% monthly returns, I can say it’s not legit.

Alliance Limited review
Homepage of scam company

The only thing that it has is a sleek website and a bunch of empty promises.

Sales materials on their website is mostly verbatim.

Tailored investment solutions provided by this website is a lie.

They also claim to provide nimble, innovative and bespoke access to solutions which cover trading strategies, execution and market insight tools.

However, the only thing that I can find is a sign up page, a user dashboard and an address for depositing Bitcoins into their wallets.

Ownership of Alliance Limited is not known.

Should you invest in Alliance limited?

You will lose your Bitcoin if you send it to them.

This faceless operation does not provide any trading results either. It is also illegally operated in Australia.

Not only are they unauthorized, but they are also cloning details of another company dealing in Real Estate.

Alliance Limited is basically a ponzi scheme, not a financial institution providing portfolio manager services.


The website is operated by sleek silver-tongued salesmen.

They’re more skilled in selling compared to your average scams like esplanade MS, All World Markets, FXcoinex and many others.

Stay away from this cheap Bitcoin scam.

2 Responses to “Alliance Limited Review”

  1. alvan onyango says:

    Nice review

  2. Mifarajimi says:

    I have about $3000 Bitcoin invested in that scam. They were paying investors most part of April and May. Since June 2020. They have completely stopped payments and requesting people to pay additional $300 for Residential Identification Plan, a requirement for withdrawing your initial deposit. Its a total scam and i fell for it big time.

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