Alliance Bernstein Review: Beware of and Scams

In this review, we prove that Alliance Bernstein which is operating under these two domains and is a scam.

The two platforms are running parallel to each other and aiming at Crypto traders and investors. If they have scammed you, you should CLAIM BACK YOUR money here because trying to withdraw directly from your dashboard will not work.

Is Alliance Bernstein legit?

The two sites going by the same name are masquarading as a legitimate Crypto trading and exchange platform. They advertise that they are safe, stable and reliable.

But in the real sense, Alliance Bernstein is a scam. As we write this review, the two websites have been blacklisted by the FCA for illegally targeting UK citizens.

The reason for this warning is that Alliance Bernstein is operating a Crypto trading and exchange platform without a valid license or authorization from the financial regulator.

The problem with such a Crypto exchange is that they don’t adhere to the rules and regulations that govern Crypto exchanges in the country.

As a result, they are a high-risk investment platform. So you should not be fooled by this website or its partner entities since the company is not legit.

Are your funds safe with or

The truth is that these two websites are run by a scammer who wants to increase his chances of getting a victim. The two websites don’t look professional enough to win our trust.

Furthermore, there is no registered company associated with these two websites. It seems that the two sites are run by an individual as opposed to an incorporated entity.

Keep in mind that they don’t have a valid Crypto exchange license. If you put these factors together (anonymity plus lack of a valid license), then you will have a clear picture of why these two sites are a scam.

So your funds are not safe at all.

Alliance Bernstein Review: The Conclusion

The two sites will steal all your Crypto because you are sending money to an individual’s wallet instead of a registered company’s wallet.

Nobody can trade their Crypto with either of these sites because they look pathetic and they don’t excude any confidence in their ability to help us make money.

So if you have been scammed, this is the time to GET BACK YOUR MONEY RIGHT AWAY.

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