All Trading FX Review: Is Signals a Scam?

Welcome to the All Trading FX review.

This website’s domain can be found at and they claim that their main job is to offer fundamental and technical analysis to unprofitable traders.

They tell traders that All Trading FX has a strategy that predicts the direction of the market with 95% accuracy, just like a “prophet”.

The idea of a prophet is a Christian principle and so this claim gets very interesting as we’ve never heard any Forex trading vendor introducing the element of Christianity in their sales pitch.

This vendor is basically claiming that they’re very successful, even to the point of telling traders that each time they fail to subscribe, they’re losing pips.

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They desperately want traders to join All Trading FX services with the promise of a refund should they fail to make 200 pips in the second month following the subscription month.

AllTradingFX even claims that their fundamental and technical analysis services cost $3,500 per month but they’re only going to charge $97 because they want to make their services accessible to everyone.

Furthermore, this website supposedly has a trading team from the US and the UK which enables them to dispatch signals to their private Telegram channel 24 hours a day.

All trading Fx review

This is in addition to a trading indicator called Ultra Fast Data which traders should download and install on their MT4 platform.

Their website is offered in two languages, English and Espanol. Traders visiting for the first time are providing with the option of choosing either of the languages.

All Trading FX is definitely an interesting vendor because they claim their “trading board” can achieve 1,000 pips per month.

Their contact page suggests that they’re based in New York and will respond in 2 hours if not in 12 hours. The website’s live chat is open between 8:00 AM – 5:00 P.M (New York time).

This All Trading FX review looks at the quality of the service to determine whether it’s a viable one worth subscribing to.

All Trading FX Review

The Chinese writings on the logo of this website could suggest that these people are based in China.

This is just an assumption we’re making as we don’t have any truth concerning their location.

There’s a brief sales video that claims traders are losing money because they don’t have a consistent strategy.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Traders are indeed losing money due to lack of a proper strategy. The question is whether All Trading FX can change this narrative for only $97 per month?

We doubt it and even from a professional point of view, a profitable trader will tell you that such a service can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month.

The team is boasting of 25 years of combined market experience.

The website was registered in September 2018.

So one would wonder why such a team with “robust experience” can launch a website in 2018 and not in the year 2000 or earlier.

All Trading FX wants traders to know the following:

  • Their signals are traded from a real account (a myfxbook account is allegedly available)
  • All traders are supervised by All Trading FX traders
  • They expect to net positive pips every month
  • They’re 100% dedicated traders

These promises are general in nature and do not inspire any trust as you’ll find such statements in nearly all kinds of Forex vendor websites.

Good examples of websites with such promises include:

Forex Armor

Swiss Capital FM

Strategy Hub FX

BJF Trading Group

And many more……

In addition to this, AllTradingFX promises that their real traders will keep their clients up to date in every step of the way.

Since this is an interesting website and vendor is seemingly showing an attitude of care, we want to analyze the strategy to see if it’s something that can generate steady returns.

The vendor is claiming that they’ve seen returns of up to 100% annually.

Trading strategy of All Trading FX

They want traders to know that the success of their operation depend on a team of traders who operate as a board.

They trade based on price action, support and resistance, Eliot wave theory, supply and demand.

Traders don’t need to worry about this stuff as the technical analysis team will deliver signals to the website’s private Telegram group.

In terms of fundamental analysis, AllTradingFX is claiming to produce signals based on a trigger data with the standard deviation which is provided by the main global macroeconomic indicators results.

Other information concerning how they perform fundamental analysis is as follows:

This is achieved thanks to the history of each piece of information or news, to the previous parities analysis where the data has the greatest impact and monthly samples of each indicator.

Honestly we got lost in the last paragraph as things seemed cumbersome.

This is where they talk about their Ultra Fast software which connects to conferences from around the world to provide analysis of the market in real time.

They tell us that the server of this software is hosted in the US but the software covers news from the US, Canada, European zone, China and Australia.

All Trading FX wants traders to be punctual in the trading room as they’ll be looking to take advantage of large moves, typically between 30 pips to 80 pips in a one minute move.

The’y’re also trading the most popular and liquid pairs such as USDJPY, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD and many more.

We appreciate the fact that this vendor has attempted to describe their strategy in details. However, they’ve not touched on how entries and exits are discovered. They’ve not talked about trading management in details.

Trading results

Okay, do they have a account as claimed on the sales page?

As far as this All Trading FX review is concerned, we never saw the vendor’s account.

So we assume that this account has never been created.

Consequently, this exposes the vendor as an internet marketer who does not keep his word when it comes to matters “proving results”.

We’re a little bit disappointed as we had great expectations concerning the level of service they offer.


Unfortunately this signal vendor will not qualify to join our ultimate list of prominent trading systems on the internet. 

Due to lack of verified trading results, we’re knocking down several stars in this All Trading FX review.

We’re just discovering that the sales page is all meant for promotional purposes.

Thanks for reading our review of the AllTradingFX website.

Let’s hear your comments regarding this signal service because this is the first review ever done on this service.