Review: Hamilton Algorithm Trader Scam! offers AI trading through an algorithm called Hamilton Trader. They claim that AI Trading 24 is a product of professional day traders, web developers and marketing specialists.

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Essentially, AI trading 24 is a copy-trading system which means that traders have to connect their brokerage accounts with the master account of the vendor. wants traders to know that a 10% monthly return on a $1,000 account balance will make $304,481.64 after 5 years.

In addition to this, they want traders to understand that Hamilton Algorithm Trader can give traders a better earning potential than traditional savings account.

AI Trading 24 is also providing a copy trading software that helps traders earn in their sleep.

All of this sounds like good news but you must understand that we’ve seen hundreds of such systems in the Forex market over the last few years.

Most of them have crashed. Once beaten, twice shy. Therefore, has to provide proof that their AI trading algorithm is reliable and is not like any of the copy trading systems littering the market at the moment.

Welcome to the AI Trading 24 review. The vendor of Hamilton Algorithm Trader does not disclose their location or specific names of the people who maintain the system.

Additionally, they don’t disclose their location but have allowed interested traders to contact them using the email

It would have been better if these individuals revealed their identity and location of business upfront. This is because they are pitching a service that involves managing investors’ funds.

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You cannot trust a salesman if he came to you and started peddling a product without first introducing who they are.

We see that an FXBlue account has been provided to back the claim that AITrading24 is providing a profitable AI trading system.

We’ll scrutinize trading performance in that account thoroughly. Afterwards, we’ll give you our opinion which is based on our observation regarding this trading system. review

The website in question is professionally done. There’s a healthy mix of text and videos to explain how the system works and what traders should expect.

aitrading24 review A I Algorithmic Forex Trader

The trading system in question is known as the Hamilton Algorithm Trader.

AI Trading 24 also claims that this is a low-risk algorithm trading system.

They also want traders to know that AiTrading24 is among the few businesses that provide verified 3rd party trading statements to their customers.

I’ve been going through the videos on their website to learn more about this trading system. Unfortunately, the first video is restricted and cannot be viewed by anyone unless they’ve been granted permission.

The second video on the homepage is not even available. There’s a link right below the video that says “Get the software”.

That link is also dead and leads to nowhere.

Therefore, the only thing that we have on the AITrading24 website is the supposed trading performance of their  Hamilton Algorithm Trader.

The rest of the text talks about how people can make money on auto-pilot using AI trading. Basically, it’s just marketing fluff.

If we don’t have a trading strategy explained upfront, how can we trust AI Trading 24 to provide us with a real solution for making money in the Forex market?

Hamilton Algorithm Trader trading performance

Apart from results, they’re also providing screenshots of their supposed verified account. We’ve investigated that myfxbook account only to find that that link is dead.

Probably the account crashed or something happened that AI Trading 24 is not willing to let traders know upfront.

The overall gain in that myfxbook account was +61.34% while absolute gain was +38.59%.

These metrics must be growing together if the account in question is making profits from trading.

In the event that overall gain is bigger than absolute gain, it always means that the vendor is increasing that account balance by way of depositing from his own pocket.

The aim of doing this is to create the impression that the trading system used in that account is profitable.

Vendors can also use this method to deceive traders.  We consider this a red flag.

Also, the myfxbook account is offered through a dead link. That means we can’t actually video results because that account was removed.

Before we can even view their FXblue account, we can’t help but wonder what happened to the account that was connected to their myfxbook before.

As for their FXblue account, Ai Trading 24 is showing us an account with an average monthly gain of +27%.

You can analyze the stats here and see for yourself.

Although the numbers are encouraging, the equity curve also shows that the AI software witnessed a big draw down which made the account go to the negative side.

aitrading24 fxblue performance for account dabodose

Pricing of AI Trading 24 Hamilton Algorithm copy trading system

There are two pricing plans which depend on the number of licenses one may need.

To get this AI software, you need to invest $199 upfront and then $145 per month thereafter.

If you need additional licenses, you’ll need to pay $70 upfront then $70 per month afterwards.

Clearly the pricing plans are not favorable considering that the vendor has not provided a full disclosure of their trading performance.

Furthermore, most copy trading systems cost much less. And if this pricing bothers you, you can always find decent Forex trading tools that cost less but make returns on a consistent basis. feedback

AI Trading 24 does not have any customer feedback. You can search Google to see if you can find any reviews or testimonials.

ai trading 24 reviews

However, the vendor has decided to post screenshots of their supposed feedback from social media platforms like Telegram and Facebook.

If vendors want to deceive you, they can easily source such screenshots as these can be generated with simple photo editing tricks.

Moreover, this is not genuine feedback as you can see that the people who claim to have made money with AI Trading 24 are actually not for real.

Their profits cannot be verified and secondly, they can’t give their feedback elsewhere on the internet simply because they’re not real.

Since we’re the first people to raise this issue, make this your platform to publish your independent feedback and reviews in the comment section of this article.

If this software is good, we hope to see people commenting below. If it’s bad, we’ll also want to hear what traders say.


We’re closing this review with a bit of disappointment. The promotion material can’t seem to confirm with verified trading results that the vendor is truthful.

Secondly, metrics are usually easy to work with compared to Fxblue, and that means traders can always spot problems.

Thirdly, their myfxbook account must have crashed which is why the account was pulled down. We need an explanation from AI Trading 24.

If the vendor can address these problems, we might consider editing this AI trading 24 review later on.

Thanks for reading our Hamilton Algorithm Trader review. Leave your comments below.

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