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Aiko Markets Review: Scam Broker ( Beware

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We’re surprised to find out that Aiko Markets is a rubbish Forex and CFDs broker that intends to scam unsuspecting victims. The website has been around since August 2020 and we can imagine the number of victims who have fallen into the trap of these malicious people.

Aiko Markets does not disclose their physical address. They are not registered anywhere and so no company can be discussed on their behalf. This means that finding the anonymous faces behind Aiko Markets can be a difficult task since the scammers are more than determined to remain undercover. For that reason, we recommend these trading systems and signals only when you’re using the best Forex brokers on the internet.

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Aiko Markets Review

It’s interesting when you find out that Aiko Markets is the complete opposite of what they promise on their website.

Although they provide the famous MT4 trading software for accessing the financial markets, one has to download this software onto their PC. This act of downloading the app puts your PC at risk anyway, and am sure your anti virus will warn you even before you proceed to install the software.

It appears that Aiko Markets is offering very few tradeable instruments as their website does not say much about the instruments they offer.

The minumum deposit is in BTC and is $10. This is a funny joke as no one can ever make any meaningful profit trading with a $10 deposit.

It appears that Aiko Markets is operated by ametuer scammers as their way of operation suggest that they are not very endowed with resources.

Deposits are in Crypto only yet we would like to see a variety. Their inexperience makes them resemble a typical investment scam such as Tradedwellterm. In fact, the platform is a Lavarel just like what Tradedwellterm is running. There is no integrated MT4 or MT5 trading plaforms. One has to download the MT4 software separately before connecting to the server of this fraudulent broker.

Aiko Markets not licensed or regulated

Funny thing is that the broker is not licensed but their website would like you to believe that they are authorized by a serious financial institution.

We have done enough background research on AikoMarkets only to find that they have no valid broker’s license.

Their website does not disclose the location of these crooks simply because they don’t have an office address. They are basically running the scam virtually. This is an entity you cannot trust. We urge you to avoid this kind of website.

What to do if you have been scammed by AikoMarkets?

$10 is a small amount of money, no need to follow up. But what if you lose $5000 to these scambugs?

You will need to follow up as this is a significant amount of money depending on where you come from as well as your financial status.

We urge you to live chat with a professional money recovery agency. I’ve made it easy by integrating that live chat functionality on our blog so that you can get quick help with no upfront obligation whatsoever.

The Conclusion

Aiko Markets is a disgrace. The scammers are not confident. They can’t face anyone. They would rather hide behind the worldwide web and only steal your money if you give them the chance to.

Do not be pressured by their sales language. I’m sure the scammers will engage you using all means possible, including unsolicited phone calls (if you sign up). We urge you not to sign up in the first place.

Thanks for reading. Please leave your reviews if you have an experience with this scam site.

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