Aiblocktrade Review: The Crypto Bot SCAM

The Crypto scam called seems to be fooling everybody on the internet. Unfortunately, they make up stories of how Aiblocktrade Crypto bot is generating daily revenue for investors but are not telling us why their platform is suspicious.

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Aiblocktrade review

The website lies that it is involved in Blockchain investments and that it has ‘great’ clients. It also wants to generate daily returns of 2.0% – 3.9%.

They claim that these daily returns will be generated by the Aiblocktrade bot that automatically places trades when the markets rise and fall.

But when you think of it, you will see that this is a very general description of trading. There is absolutely no strategy here. In fact, the scam appears to be targeting the financially unsophisticated because the act of buying and selling in the rising and falling Crypto markets don’t guarantee any returns.

We also read about their reason for wanting you to deposit your funds in Cryptocurrencies. It was the funniest reason we’ve heard in the last couple of years.

They claimed that deposits in USDT are preferred to avoid ‘extreme volatility in the Crypto market’. We are like how? The explanation futher claims that Aiblocktrade reduces risk exposure by making their clients deposit in Crypto.

Do you see how clever these guys are?

Aiblocktrade is unregulated

The act of collecting deposits from investors and returning a profit is known as offering securities. Companies that offer securities to investors are properly regulated but this one does not have any financial license.

We have warned traders and investors against trusting these unlicensed entities which are often run by thieves.

If you do not want the consequences that victims of TopCredit have suffered (before they ever discovered that lost funds can still be recovered), we ask you to avoid Aiblocktrade at all cost.

The Conclusion

The platform remains a scam because they can’t explain how they generate such high daily revenue.

Secondly, they are anonymous which tells us a lot about the people who are behind this corny investment scheme involving Crypto.

There is zero transparency when it comes to dealing with such silly websites that don’t value the hard-earned monies of their clients.

We ask you to avoid such scams at all cost.