AI TradingBOT Review: Avoid this SCAM (

AI TradingBOT is a high yield but fraudulent investment platform operating from the domain The scam site presents a number of investment plans with minimum deposit as low as $150. The website of AI TradingBot claims that ROI is generated from an automated AI trading system which provides the strategy for trading the Forex and CFDs market. We don’t trust these guys because their style of operation is far from authentic. Their supposed AI bot does not qualify for recommendations in this list of the best trading systems as voted by the community. On the other hand, AI TradingBOT also claims to be a Forex broker offering deep liquidity, high leverage of up to 1:500 and other benefits. All of this is a lie. Why?

Because AI TradingBOT is not a Forex broker in any shape or form. When you sign up into the platform, you will not find an MT4 trading software or any facility that can be used to trade the currency and CFDs market. If you want an honest and professional broker, you should pick one from this list. But do not assume that AI TradingBot is a broker since it is unusual for Forex brokers to offer trading systems due to conflict of interest that may arise from such scenarios.

AI TradingBot ( Review

The investment scam is claiming that the company is based in Queensland, Australia. But at the same time, they claim that AI TradingBot (company AI-Trader) is a member of SIPC. SIPC is in the United States and is neither a government nor a regulatory agency. Also, if AI TradingBot is operated out of Australia, it begs the question of why they are seeking a license from the US and not in their home country?

This is definitely a red flag. It tells us that the company (if any) is not licensed. Also, if you look at the footer of the website, it provides generic information about the SEC. It suggests that the company is registered with the SEC but this is false because the SEC’s register does not actually have them in the database.

AI TradingBot is basically offering unregistered securities, which is illegal in the US. They need a license before they can trade funds of their clients using a “trading bot”.

In short, the website offers illegal asset management and investment banking. These offers are meant to lure the financially naive with the intention of stealing their money, just the same way this ponzi scheme does it.

AI TradingBot ( fake owner profiles

The website continues to feign legitimacy by showing us aliases and their stock photos. The SEO goes by the alias Dae Gilbert but in truth, the scam site is using stock photos sourced from photo-selling websites.

There are multiple people who are allegedly operating this scam (according to the information listed on their about us page). Neither of these people have a verifiable profile. In fact, investigating their photos lead us to the stock photo websites where the images were stolen from.

This is one more reason as to why you should never trust AI TradingBot and the crooks that run it.

What to do if you have been scammed by AI Trading Bot

The scammers who operate are experienced in running boiler room scams. They are not experienced in the Forex and Crypto brokerage business. This is why they have people who specialize in cold calling prospective victims and convincing them to deposit more than $150.

Unfortunately, their tricks work and people end up losing their hard-earned investments. If you are one of the people who lost funds to the scam, we urge you to present your case on the live chat or by filling out the form at the beginning of this review. Your case will be looked at and if it qualifies for a chargeback, you will be sure to get your lost funds back, thanks to the assistance of the chargeback company which facilitates the whole process on your behalf.

The Conclusion

The sales page of AI TradingBOT is gibberish as it does not provide tangible information that can convince an experienced investor to commit to the supposedly legit ai trading bot and investment plans.

However, this does not mean that people are not falling for the scam. The way I see it is that these guys will convince you to deposit a significant amount of money and once you fall into the trap, they will stop answering your emails.

This is a typical AI trading scam. You should avoid.