AI Intraday EA Review: FXAITrading a Scam?

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This review covers the new AI Intraday EA, which is promoted as a price action advanced technology robot that places orders in the right time with the correct lot sizing.

The development team feels the AI Intraday EA (was AIScalper) can provide real-time automated results which are backed by 93% winning track record like some of our most recommended trading products.

Every development team out there wants to sell, and so we do not expect them to disclose any shortcomings, if they ever exits in a product like this.

Thankfully, our review will cover the various aspects of the AI Intraday EA because it’s our duty to ensure that the community is not losing money.

AI Intraday EA FXAITrading review

The product is sold at ( The vendor is unknown and so is their location.

In addition to this, we don’t know what kind of development experience they have. Their FXaiTrading website was registered in August 2020. So this is a very new team with probably zero industry experience.

Some reports reveal that FXaiTrading is operating out of Germany.

We have no idea whether this is true or not, but we hope the vendor will add this information in the future to appear more transparent.

AI Intraday EA review

The website is brief and straight to the point with regards to what AI Intraday EA does, how it works and pricing plans.

The vendor tells us that they’ll do everything to make us happy. They reply to emails fast and thoughtfully. They even want us to shoot them an email for testing purposes.

They appear confident in their support but this does not determine the effectiveness of the software if the trading strategy is flawed.

They promise that the AI Intraday EA comes with super profitable settings and full-length installation guide.

The features of this Forex robot include effective money management, hidden stops, low risk strategy with drawdowns less than 20% and a strategy that uses price action guided by AI technology.

The strategy of the AI Intraday EA

The development team has provided some strategy insights to shade light on the functions of this software.

They tell us that their EA uses 3 different types of charts and controls risks in each chart as well.

In the first chart, AI Intraday EA relies on the 1H timeframe to identify breakouts in trends that form in highly volatile market situations.

In chart 2, they use M30 and M15 timeframes for range trading but can also use various filters to trade choppy markets.

In chart 3, the EA is meant for high frequency scalping on the M5 timeframe.

The developer states that the AI Intraday EA is built with ultra-complex MA calculations and settings that have 52 inputs. These inputs are only controlled by the developer himself.

For that reason, they feel that this Forex robot is like no other.


AI Intraday EA comes with Gold and Diamond license types respectively.

Gold costs $550 while Diamond costs $999. The lifetime licenses support 1 live account and 1 demo account.

The developer also promises high-performance settings, all-built in features, free updates and 24/7 support.

Obviously the price tag is a huge setback and unless the developer can provide good reasons why he believes the EA is worth this much, they’re going to have a hard time selling copies.

To persuade the community, they must use a statement sharing service where trading statistics are crystal clear and any person can analyze and make decisions without doubt.

Trading performance of the AI Intraday EA

The vendor claims to have an FXblue account which is supposedly documenting the activities of their live broker account.

Although we prefer Myfxbook to FXblue, we’ll help you analyze the results of this EA as presented on this account instead.

This is a 36 days trading sample. Obviously this is a very short sample of trading results. It can’t paint a clear picture of the long term performance.

So far, the EA has achieved +193.4% with a peak drawdown of -0.1%.

During this period, the EA opened 54.4 trades per day.

We must say these results are impressive. But on the other hand, we critic the results because this is less than 6 months of trading sample and secondly, we don’t know whether clients are getting the same kind of results as the vendor.

The vendor’s risk disclosure states that they’re not responsible for your loss.

So this means clients should expect different kinds of results from those of this vendor.

We would like to take a glance at the kind of trading performance that buyers of this EA are getting.

Reviews and testimonials

The client testimonial section is blank. There is however a note where the vendor goes on a rant to state that their client feedback is 99% positive.

They also admonish competitors by accusing them of writing fake reviews and making their pursuit to achieve 99% positive feedback very difficult.

Truthfully speaking, this EA has not been reviewed anywhere else. We don’t have evidence of real customer feedback just yet.

In fact, the vendor went ahead to “claim their profile” on Trustpilot which basically means paying the company so as to moderate reviews or even post fraudulently generated ones.

This company is running a business model that naturally favors vendors while putting buyers at a great disadvantage.

If you’re intending to buy something and come across fraudulently generated reviews, you will make a wrong purchase decision.

On the other hand, the doggy vendor will pocket your money and run away.


FXAITrading seems to have added lots of settings to the AI Intraday EA.

However, the company is very new and they don’t have real customer reviews that match the kind of results they show us on their FXblue Account.

Also, we searched this FX Blue account but didn’t find it.

Only the widget of this account is being shown on the vendor’s website but no account exists in the FXblue database.

We’d like them to clarify why this is so because we have already discovered the fact that trading sample is only for 36 days.

Because of this, we don’t see any persuading reason as to why we should use this EA or recommend it to the community.

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