AI Day Trading Crypto Fund Review: Probably a Scam

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Welcome to AI Day Trading Crypto Fund review.

The official website can be found at

The sales page is promoting an investment opportunity where clients are required to buy a stake of the company by acquiring an ERC20-based token called AIDTCF.

The company AI Day Trading Crypto Fund promises annual returns of up to 47%. They claim that these returns have consistently been achieved for their investors since 2017.

However, can confirm that the website in October 2018 and not in 2017 as alleged on the sales page.

This finding can reveal that AIDayTradingCryptoFund is sort of deceptive. Now that we’ve caught them pants down, we’ll go ahead and review every aspect of this website.

If you’re reading this AI Day Trading Crypto Fund review, pay attention to the points we shall raise in order to establish whether this is a viable investment opportunity.

AI Day Trading Crypto Fund review

The official website introduces a number of people who are allegedly owners or partners of this alleged Crypto investment company.

AI Day Trading Crypto fund review

Maksim Nozhenko is allegedly a partner that focuses on managing the trading team and overseeing the analytical team in addition to the company’s proprietary software to maintain the strategy.

AI Day Trading Crypto Fund website also introduces Nikolay Yerzhakhovskiy claiming that he is a managing partner who also founded a company called Alliance Law Group.

According to this LinkedIn profile, Yash Mishra is the Founding partner of Alliance Law Group. Nowhere is Nikolay Yerzhakhovskiy mentioned in company records.

Doing a reverse search on Google does not confirm the identities of the people listed on the AI Day Trading Crypto Fund website, which leaves us questioning the credibility of information presented therein.

It is quite possible that the operators of this Crypto Fund used stock photos in order to build an imaginary team of partners and founders.

Otherwise, a serious company would simply leave their Linkedin profiles just in case an investor is curious about their professional background and past achievements.

Additionally, AIDayTradingCrypto Fund has pointed out that they’re associated with an entity known as Cardea Capital (BVI).

A simple Google search can reveal that no such company has ever been founded.

All of these findings can be interpreted as serious red flags. The more we dig deeper, the more we find ugly things concerning

How AI Day Trading Crypto Fund claims to invest

They claim to use a proprietary trading software in order to generate returns for hedge fund clients.

They don’t wish to expose their strategy. But at the same time, the official website claims that customers will send Bitcoin worth $1000 in exchange for the AIDTCF token.

They tell investors that the firm is hedging Bitcoin prices in US so that investors cannot be affected in case the price of Bitcoin falls.

To get started with AIDayTradingCryptoFund, one is required to fill up a simple form highlighting their name, email, ERC20 compatible wallet, the type of Crypto they’d like to invest in the fund, amount and Crypto wallet address.

They claim that the value of AIDTCF token is going to rise depending on how they trade.

But we know that this is a typical lie on the internet.

According to Etherscan website, there are 19 holders of AIDTCF token and the price of 1 AIDTCF is $0.

So basically investors of AI Day Trading Crypto Fund website are purchasing a valueless token for a minimum price of $1000.

Furthermore, this token has not been listed with any Crypto exchange out there. Trading to raise its value is the only way that AIDayTradingCryptoFund is proposing, which is something that does not make any financial sense.

The truth about this Crypto investment firm

Company details are sketchy which is a red flag.

Secondly, the token they are exchanging for real Bitcoins has a worthless value. We’re not quite sure how investors are supposed to accept a valueless token like AIDTCF.

Thirdly, they claim that investors can withdraw their initial deposit and that only 97% of the deposit shall be recovered.

Based on the red flags we’ve raised above, we don’t believe that any funds will be recovered.

Basically, this Crypto Fund is targeting the not sophisticated investor using a well known trick.

Furthermore, the reason they don’t target investors in the US is because the company is offering unregistered securities.

The consequences of doing this are not worth it hence it makes sense to play safe.


Investing in AI Day Trading Crypto Fund is a no for us. At first it appeared like a professional website representing a trustworthy company. However, after going through the website, we discovered many red flags just like in Forex92 scam.

Based on the reasons we’ve raised above, we don’t think we can recommend investing in this website at all.

Thanks for reading the AI Day Trading Crypto Fund review. We’d like to hear your comments and opinion.

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