Review: Ages Investments a Scam (Ages Investments) is a site claiming to provide financial and investment services.

Ages Investments purports to operate from Malta as opposed to the popular UK ruse.

Daily returns to be expected is between 1.2% and 2.8% respectively.

To withdraw returns, one must have a minimum of $10 in their account.

All funding and withdrawals must be done in Bitcoin. This is consistent with what Crypto scams like do on the internet. claims that it is trading Forex and Crypto and is able to generate these returns.

The service is marketed as a fund manager that is actively managing the “savings” of its clients to enable them meet their long-term financial objectives. proclaims that they use modern technologies, risk management and are fully transparent to their clients.

Is legit?

No, this website is not legit. Based on their style of operation, I can say that this is an example of how a HYIP operates.

agesinvlimited review ages investments
Ages Investments website

A HYIP is a dubious financial service that pays “profits” using investors’ deposit.

They do not trade any financial markets but are rather adapting a ponzi scheme business model.

What is more, a website like Ages Investments does not have its ownership details in the open.

It is a brand new website at the same time. What is more, it is based in an offshore location and is not regulated either.

The above reasons are why you will lose money to

Should you invest with

The reason you can’t reap any returns here is because Ages Inv Limited is actually looking to steal your minimum deposit.

It is not clear whether the business is even registered in Malta. All of this could be fake because there’s no company in Malta by the name Ages Inv Limited.

With that in mind, you should know that the person running this website is a thief.


The alleged daily returns cannot be achieved. website is made up of marketing fluff and verbiage that was probably copied from other websites.

This shows that they’re not professional at all. Furthermore, the scam is accepting victims from every country while disregarding laws about licensing and investing.

Stay away from this basic form of internet scam and thanks for reading our Ages Inv limited review.

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