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Agartha Asset Management aka AAM presents itself as a botique wealth investment firm targeting high networth individuals. But in the real sense, is a cheap scam with a cleverly designed website template, some vibe and an aggressive boileroom telephone person.

This review will bast the lies of these investment charlatans, letting you know why we don’t recommend them and why you should stay away from such fradulent “investing platforms”. If you want to invest, start with a good broker and complement your trading with these highly recommended resources (if you lack knowledge in trading).

Agartha Asset Management Review

We go into the details of how and where this website originated from.

They currently have a fake address on their site (Höfðatorg Tower 1, Reykjavík, Iceland) as our survey team failed to find their office on this location.

In other words we’re dealing with people whom we cannot get hold of. Keep in mind that one of the qualifications of getting a financial services license is that a company should be properly registered and a physical address must be provided.

As we write this review, we’re also investigating how long they’ve been around. It is shocking to see that their website registration date is not tallying with their alleged experience. They claim that they have 10 years of experience but the alleged company owners do not have Linkedin profiles to verify this.

As far as experience is concerned, Agartha Asset Management is only a little over 1 year old in the worldwide web.

The people who run the website behind the scenes are anonymous and their alleged experience is false.

They are not licensed

When we write reviews, we normall look at the licensing status of a company. In this case, Agartha Asset Management does not have a valid financial services license.

What they offer is a binary options trading platform which they call a “trading room”.

We find this interesting because a trading room is basically a place where an expert trader will gather his novice students for live trading lessons. This must be done on the internet and cameras must capture the trading DOM so that we can see what prices trades are being executed at, what profits the expert trader has accummulated and so on.

Either way, a license is needed. In short, Agartha Asset Management is scamming victims by acting as an unlicensed broker and at the same time an investment house.

How Agartha Asset Management is able to scam investors

They have a professional website that looks legitimate on the face value. They talk of billions of assets under management.

They even provide 5 account types for traders and investors to open. The minimum deposit is $250, which is a reasonable amount that most traders and investors can afford.

Agartha Asset Management uses clever tactics to scam investors large amounts of money. For that reason, they encourage investors to deposit more money by giving them incentives.

Incentives come in form of bonuses, market commentary, education and mentorship program.

While these benefits will make some people to “upgrade” their trading accounts, majority will upgrade only because the scammers are promising instant withdrawals on the Platinum account.

Now, since this is a scam, they will accept any kind of deposit. It makes no difference whether you deposit $250, $7,500 or $50,000. They just want you to fund their expensive lifestyle.

While perusing the site with the intend to write a comprehensive review, we also found out that the site was convincing investors using a clever discussion of how they invest money for clients.

Agartha Asset Management provides insights over their “investment strategies” where they claim that the team is adapting both long-term and alternative strategies.

They provide brief narratives of what is involved in the strategies.

After presenting their website to the would-be victim, they expect you to sign up and make a deposit.

If you don’t do it right away, someone from Agartha Asset Management will give you a call. The scammers follow a script that works half of the time. There are still foolish people in the world that fall for too good to be true investment promises. These financially desperate people are the target of the scammers.

What to do if you have been scammed by Agartha Asset Management

Agartha Asset Management appears to be a popular website, going by the number of victims that have lost money to the scam.

The good news is that you can get your money back if you follow the right procedure. It is called chargeback.

You can’t request a chargeback by yourself due to the intricacies of the financial system. You need professionals who have experience in this field to do it for you.

For that reason, I have included a live chat button and a form in this review which you can fill with your details and submit.

Your case will be looked at and if you qualify, the process will begin. Depending with how much you lost, it can take 1 to 2 weeks to get your money back.

This is what we did for victims who lost money to scams such as Finotrend, Pro Elite Markets and

Am surprised the scammers are still in business despite their bank accounts being wiped dry by the chargeback process.

I tend to think that this is because majority of people don’t know they can recover what they lost, so they leave it to the scammers. Do you see how ignorance feeds scammers?

The Conclusion

As we conclude this review, we want to reiterate the fact that this website is a deadly scam because the average investor cannot detect it.

Victims of the scam are so disappointed. They’re undergoing emotional turmoil for loosing their life savings and not knowing that they can recover the money if they want to.

Avoid Agartha Asset Management at all cost. If you want to trade and make good money, you should start with these recommended trading resources.

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  1. Do you want to submit a broker or comment about their scam activities? BrokerProfile is the uncensored forum where you can discuss freely about good and bad trading service providers..
  2. Fadel

    I have been scammed for over 5000 cdn in the last two days and I have no Idea if I can ever get my money back. Unfortunately I have given them access to my banking and they e-transfered funds without my consent with the some weird explanation that I will get it back after 24 hrs and I was foolish enough to grant them access again to my account the following day with the misguide notion that I will guide my money back… I should have known better but I didn’t … now I am willing whatever I can so no body else lose their money to this scam

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