Review: Afribay Limited a Scam?, which is the website of Afribay Limited or (Afribay LTD investment) is advertising a risk-free Forex investing opportunity.

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Our review will provide a quick overview of things you should know concerning this website.

We do not know about the people behind this website yet they claim that Afribay Limited is made up of a team of professionals with “extensive experience” in the field of investment.

We doubt whether there is a team in this scheme and we’re of course not sure why a team of “serious investment professionals” should hide their faces so that people they purport to serve will never get to know their name or experience.

Afribay Limited also claims that they pay “profitable commission” where a small investment will return “maximum profit”.

Before making these promises, we need to see some level of transparency.

For some reasons, we feel that is a very strange website since they even lie about their launch date where they say the service was launched in 2013 when it was launched in November 2020.

We warn investors against throwing their money away to petty thieves who run the internet.

If you’d want to invest in Forex trading, there is a procedure for that.

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If you lack experience or training, you need to invest in a proper product or service that will let you automate your trades.

Also, before we close this review, we need to provide you with reasons as to why we concluded that Afribay Limited is a scam.

This way, you’ll be able to identify the next scam easily and without needing any guidance.

Afribay Limited review

The first red flag that we can see across the website is unsubstantiated claims of profitability and achievements.

Afribay Ltd claims they currently manage 14 million assets for their customers.

They claim to have existed for 6 years and of course they also tell us that over 250 account managers are working for them.

If this kind of achievement is real, we would see it from their presentation.

They would not be fearful when it comes to introducing the names of the people who run this website.

They would never fear coming out to tell us what experience they have and why they feel that they are the right people to handle our investments.

There’s a cloud of mystery covering the website and this is not to be ignored because it’s a strong message to those who may not know that it’s a scam. review and how they purport to invest

They provide 4 investment plans and refer to the profits as commission.

Afribay Ltd does not provide more information about their “investment plans”.

We don’t know where they invest, how they do it, what risk control measures they have and so on.

In short, we have no proof that this is a true Forex investment operation.

They randomly mention MT4, MT5 and cTrader platforms to purport that this is a real Forex investment business

Truth is that when we signed up, we never saw any of this software presented to us on the dashboard.

They also claim to provide 50% deposit bonus yet we know that all of this is a big fat lie.

The deposit bonus is just money on paper and not real money because you can’t withdraw it.

Talking of commission, the basic “investment plans” purports to offer 17%.

We were never told after how long we will earn this amount.

The “Golden plan” purports to produce 40% return. Again there’s no information about this plan.

They claim that Afribay Investment has partnered with Exness and RoboForex brokers.

RoboForex broker is a confirmed scam. So we neither trust this broker nor their “partners”.

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Why Afribay limited is a scam

They provide zero evidence of their trades. Money can’t be generated out of nowhere. So this is not Forex trading but something else.

Their sign up process requires us to provide intrusive/personal details such as bank account numbers.

We do not know why they require such details for a simple process like signing up.

The investment plans definitely suggest that is an MLM.

MLMs are basically a scam where any investor who earns money will have stolen it from another naive investor who sent their deposit without a second thought.

The schemes often collapse when the number of new investors start to dwindle.

Afribay LTD does not have any license and so they can’t legally provide financial advisory services to anyone.

But this is what the scam is doing….. providing financial services without the knowledge of regulators.


If you would like to be scammed, send them whatever deposit you can afford.

However, keep in mind that is a scam with many red flags.

It’s not a serious investment operation and even their website says it all.

To trade Forex and become a consistently profitable trader, you need the right tools in combination with a regulated broker.

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