Review: (A&B – IPO Elite) is a Scam

In this review, we prove that is a scam IPO investment company that is targeting Germans.

For that reason, you should avoid this website at all cost. However, if you have lost money in this investment scheme, you can RECOVER IT HERE asap.

Is (A&B – IPO Elite) Legit?

No, this website and platform is not legit. It goes by the name Adlerundbernstein-ipoelite and A&B – IPO Elite. It is allegedly owned by Adler & Bernstein, and we believe that investors should be aware of this.

As we write this review, the company and its website have been blacklisted by German financial regulator, BaFin. BaFin claims that the compant is offering illegal securities to its citizens.

This is true because when you look at the website of A&B – IPO Elite, you will not find any sign of authorization from the financial regulator.

Based on this finding, we also believe that Adlerundbernstein-ipoelite lacks legitimacy and should not be engaged for any kind of Initial Public Offering dealings.

Are your funds safe with A&B – IPO Elite?

The company claims to be dealing with IPOs and investment activities but we feel that any kind of funds that are transferred to this company’s bank accounts will not be safe.

When a financial regulator sounds a warning about a particular company offering illegal securities, it is always in the best interest of its citizens. Ignoring this warning often leads to heavy losses and no compensation.

Also, we see that A&B – IPO Elite company is using a website design that nobody can take seriously. It looks like it was cobbled together very quickly for purposes of scamming people as fast as possible.

It lacks the kind of professional touch that you can expect from a website that deals in IPO investments. Review: The conclusion

It is safe to avoid this IPO investment scam at all cost. The financial regulator cannot be wrong. This has to do with crooks running an illegal company and harvesting huge amounts of money from individuals.

If you are involved and you are now a victim of the scam, you can GET BACK YOUR MONEY HERE.

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