Review: Not Real Investing

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Do you want to expose a broker or comment about their scam activities? BrokerProfile is the uncensored forum where you can discuss freely about good and bad actors. is a broker that intends to provide “financial sustainability” through their cutting-edge platforms and professional fund managers.

We already doubt their claims given the research that we have done and are advising traders and investors to consider these recommendations instead.

If you need reliable Forex brokers, you can find them here but do not believe that Addyfx is working with any reliable broker.

They (Addyfx Limited) also claim that their website is a market place where investors witness the secret to financial stability.

We doubt these claims given that this website has a lot of negative feedback from investors. was registered in September 2018, which means they’ve been around for quite some time.

Our review of this broker will let you know whether or not you should trust Addyfx. Review

The official website says that this company is based in Lagos, and is standing for reputation, excellence and consistency.

The operators of the site can be contacted using or 01-888-555-0.

They provide zero information on how investment affairs are conducted on their website.

In fact, the company does not offer a proper about us page with names of people who run Addyfx.

It would be difficult for a serious investors to trust a site like this because obviously if they are not transparent, they’ll never be honest with your money.

Reasons why Addyfx is an obvious scam

We’ve already mentioned the most common red flags on this website.

However, we believe that you should beware of other warnings so that you won’t fall for their trick.

The first thing we noticed is that some pages are missing. In those pages, they were claiming to trade Forex in order to generate returns of between 13% to 25%.

If this broker does not provide information about how they invest, how will they generate these returns for you?

We see that they are completely anonymous, which is quite worrying.

You cannot trust someone who is completely anonymous to manage your investment.

We also need to know who their Forex broker(s) is so we can check records of the alleged investing.

Unfortunately, this is something that Addyfx has never disclosed. So why should we trust these guys with our money?

Addyfx is not a regulated financial service

This company is neither licensed nor regulated by the financial regulator in Nigeria.

At the same time, they are targeting investors from across the world.

This is definitely an illegal move and we will soon expect to see warnings against this broker.

It is generally safe to invest with well-regulated financial services as safety of your funds will be assured to a certain degree.

They do not have experience in investing

Despite the website having existed for 2 years now, we did not find any proof of real investing.

A company that proudly produces 25% monthly return will have no problem exposing their trading statement so that investors can go through them before investing.

It appears that this is an MLM or a ponzi scheme as there’s zero truth about their alleged Forex trading.

Such a company will never provide any financial stability.


Addyfx is proving to be a scam because of the highlighted reasons.

They fail to give us reasons as to why they should be trusted.

They claim that they will provide financial stability to their clients but where is the assurance?

The bottom line is that you should never send your money to these people.

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