Ace Trades Review: It’s a Scam!

Ace Trades is a service that was created in 2003 to offer trading education, market commentary and signals room.

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When you join Ace Trades by purchasing any of the schools’s 2 membership packages, you become a part of the “elite group of winning traders”.

The trading school currently offers two subscription packages costing $2,250 and $9,999.

The membership packages last 6 months and 1 year respectively.

All of these membership packages come with the same set of special Ace Trades indicators in addition to the following:

  • 24/7 access to members training portal.
  • 100 chart examples
  • Hours of training videos
  • Live trading room, signals and Q&A session
  • Over the shoulder training with Ace himself
  • Ace methodology
ace trades review

Therefore, the only difference is in the duration of subscription and of course access to the signals room is somehow limited.

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Is Ace Trades legit?

No, this is not a legit trading educator.

You may gain some “knowledge” in what he trains but if this knowledge does not help you make money consistently and in the long run, then it is useless.

The trading school is run by someone called Ace. Ace is an A-class marketer who has mastered the art of colorful language.

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For this reason, his trading room is fun to attend. However, there’s no real trading on a live account.

Ace is continuously talking about how his trading system is good but no real actions in a live market.

He even admits that he never trades. The owner of Ace Trades does not even have proof of trading success.

The only thing he does is to record raw footage of the market, then records a “live session” over the raw footage.

Should you join Ace Trades?

Ace is not a successful trader and therefore I see no need of paying him to “learn from him”.

There’s nothing to learn. In fact, Ace of AceTrades is a charlatan.


Spare your money. This colorful “trading school” is expensive and some people fall for it because the owner uses convincing language.

Thanks for reading our Ace Trades review.

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