A1 Investment Review: ETH Scam at aoneinvestment.com

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A1 Investment is an ETH token that will supposedly accelerate growth of startups by providing them with tools that save time and resources.

A1 Investment does not go into details to discuss what type of tools the ETH token will be providing to startups.

It is therefore a suspicious project.

This is why we can’t recommend it and would rather stick to the financial markets when it comes to matters related to investing.

In addition to this, it is clear that this platform is raising funds from random participants on their website and even claiming that they’re guaranteeing some sort of “investment protection”.

This is a classic hallmark of an airdrop scam where an audience is persuaded to invest in a token and told that the value of the coin will rise due to its intended function.

The website of A1 Investment can be found at aoneinvestment.com, and according to our background check, the platform has been live for about 1 year.

Most websites that run token investing opportunities don’t last 1 year.

In fact, the fad of ETH token has recently died down. Fraudsters are currently using the concept of noding to scam Crypto enthusiasts.

Good examples of such scams include Yieldnodes and Big Byte Block respectively.

A1 Investment Review

Information about their coin is very scarce. In fact, the website is not even telling us the name of their token.

Furthermore, they have failed to mention whether or not it is listed in one of the major exchanges that sell tokens.

We don’t know its value yet or whether this token will ever present some monetary value to the investor.

Nevertheless, the website has claimed that 75% of the token will be distributed to the community, 13% reserved for funding, 9% reserved for the team members and 2% for advisors.

The other 1% is supposed to be reserved for bounty campaigns.

There’s no roadmap anywhere on the sales page of this ETH token.

In fact, their sales presentation is very weird as they are omitting these critical details that investors need in order to establish whether or not it’s worth investing on the token.

Before you buy such a token, you need to ask yourself what progress they’ve made rather than trusting the figures which they are showing you on their website.

Most of these websites are shady in nature, and will not hesitate to lie about their “achievements”.

This is why we need proof of success or at least something that will convince us to invest.

Who runs A1 Investment?

Notice that the owners of this website are 100% anonymous.

Now, before investors can purchase this token, they need to be reassured that this is not a scam.

One way to reassure them is to present details of the team members such as the name of the CEO, COO and other people that are actively involved in the project.

Unfortunately, A1 Investment does not provide us with these details anywhere on their website.

There is a good reason as to why they are faceless and anonymous.


Aoneinvestment.com is clearly a scam because they’ve failed to convince us why we should be involved in their project.

We don’t even know what function this ETH is supposed to fulfill because the promotion materials on this website don’t bother to explain.

They only mention that the token is built to help starts but this is not enough as we need to know how.

Furthermore, lack of transparency is the major red flag here. You can’t purchase a token from a project that is run by anonymous individuals.

The people in charge of this project must come out in broad daylight to tell us why they think their project will be a success.

A1 Investment has failed in everywhere. Furthermore, their website exhibits red flags everywhere we turn to.

We would never recommend or ask anyone to sign up for this project as it is clearly a scam.

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