777-investment Review: Reharsh of WorldMarkets Scam

Lost your Money in an online investment scam? There's something you can do!!


777-investment is a new website offering the same investment products and services as WorldMarkets.com scam.

You cannot “invest” in a scam because you will lose money.

However, you can check out these trading and investment resources, should you decide to embark on a serious journey to investing.

777-investment.com was registered in May 2020, and it also fails to disclose who owns or runs the website.

The anonymous owners of 777 Investment also share same telephone numbers with WorldMarkets.com.

Their website is an exact copy-paste of Worldmarkets.com, save for a few color changes here and there.

They claim to provide artificial intelligence trading through their managed accounts “investment product”.

Due to the website being an exact copy paste of a well-known scam, which has recently failed to process withdrawal requests of many victims, our review wants to warn investors against dealing with 777-investment.

777-Investment.com review

What exactly does 777-Investment offer?

According to the promotion materials on the website, 777 Investment offers the following services:

1.AI managed accounts

2.Gold and Silver Bullion products

3.Exotic Metals

4.Bullion vault facility

5.Brokerage services

The service is inviting traders to “invest in a diverse world of trading opportunities.”

This tagline has also been copied, except that they changed a few words.

Of course there’s zero proof that 777-Investment is truly providing an investment service where AI trading is actually used to make money from the market.

It’s one thing to say that you provide Bullion vault facility for storing precious metals but it’s also quite another to prove that this facility exists.

There are many victims on the internet who got scammed through this tactic.

They were lied to that they’re buying Gold and that this asset will be stored in a bullion vault.

As soon as they paid, the scammers disappeared with the money.

Therefore, 777-Investment does not provide any kind of proof that they engage in this kind of investment activity.

Does 777-Investment really trade?

They claim to have partnered with the best firms in Finance!

They provide a few logos of well-known internet companies. Of course these logos lead to nowhere when clicked.

This tells us that either the website is incomplete or they are just lying about their affiliation with these companies.

The main product that seems to be actively promoted is the “highly sophisticated Al Trading Tools” with effective risk management.

They claim this tool will scan the market in a matter of seconds to pick the best and lowest-risk trades.

Remember there is no evidence of 777-investment using AI trading tools to trade anything.

We managed to create an account just to get a clue on what is happening on the dashboard side of the website.

We found an incomplete user dashboard with no charts or trading features.

As soon as we logged in, we were confused, not knowing what to do because even the deposit and withdrawal features were not working.

Furthermore, the dashboard was just a blank white background user interface with nothing much to interact with.

In as much as 777-Investment has managed to copy paste everything from their scam competitor, the user dashboard is still a far cry from what we saw in the WorldMarkets user dashboard.

So yes, we can confirm that this is something else and not algorithmic trading.

The fake trading results

777-Investment AI Managed Account is a hoax. There are no managed accounts running on AI here.

The fake trading results which they are showing us are dating back to February 2017.

Apart from these results not being transparent and verifiable, we know that 777 Investment was not yet established in February 2017.

So there is no way they could have traded the financial marketplace without their existence.

They claim that average monthly return is 21.77%.

This is the exact figure that Worldmarkets scam is also announcing on their website.

It seems the anonymous owner of 777 Investment had no idea what they were doing, hence the unclever copy pasting everywhere.

In short, their “results” are fabricated, and you can also see that this HTML table was just created from the coding of WorldMarkets pages.

Fake Financial Awards

777-Investment claims they won World Forex Award, Best AI Company IAFT award and International Financial Award.

IAFT website does not include 777 Investment in its database.

World Forex award badge is leading to a page that talks about Worldmarkets.com and not 777 Investment.

This is a total mess and as you can see, the website is filled with red flags everywhere you turn to.

If you look at the footer of this website, you will still see a bunch of fake awards, telling the same kind of lie that scammers want you to believe.

Is 777-Investment related to Worldmarkets.com?

We may not know for sure. However, if they’re not related, we see no reason why they would use contact numbers of World Markets.

Some of their links also point to external resources that are promoting World Markets scam.

It would be difficult to tell whether or not they are related.

There is a possibility that the owner of this scam is a wannabe fraudster but it could also mean they are somehow related to the well-known investment fraud.

No reviews of this service anywhere on the web

Unlike World Markets that invested heavily on advertising, 777 Investment appears to be broke and does not have the budget to actually make their scam effective.

World Markets is the resurrection of Blue Trading scam.

So it is easy to see why the vices still have the financial muscle to promote their service unlike 777-Investment website.

All in all, we did not see any review or feedback from customers who have used this service.

We believe that a service with “so many awards” is a popular service that many investors use.

We find it really weird that despite “winning all these awards”, there is nobody who has ever used 777-Investment in their endeavors to seek wealth.


Even if you don’t know how to spot a scam, the fact that 777-Investment copies Worldmarkets (another scam) should tell you something is not right.

The reason why both entities are anonymous is because they want to defraud members of the public and take no responsibility.

We just don’t see how this website will make any money or send your shipment of Gold and Silver.

They do not have these metals in the first place. The only thing they would like to do is to scam you.

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