4XLG Review: Titanium EA Robot, Forex Signals and Training

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4XLG claims to provide professional Forex training, mentoring, weekly trade analysis, signals and automated trading.

4XLG is also providing a Forex robot called Titanium EA which they believe can give traders more winning edge compared to the losing Forex population.

4XLG wants traders to know that their Titanium EA Robot Trader is generating average monthly returns of between 50-200%.

These income figures are certainly too high and we believe the developer of this trading system can prove their statement.

4XLG also wants traders to know that they’re the fastest growing EA service on Telegram messenger.

They’re operating on Telegram using the name 4XLG’s Titanium EA Group. We’ve checked and found that this Telegram group has a following of 2.77K members.

4XLG review Forex Training  Signal Provider Automated Services

In this Telegram group, members are encouraged to use the Titanium EA robot because it is allegedly a great way to generate passive income without the burden of manual trading.

They boldly claim that traders who use Titanium EA have the potential to make between 10 to 15% returns per week.

This robot appears to be a very interesting trading system and the approach of this vendor is also quite intriguing.

Most Forex robot vendors choose to specialize on robots and trading systems. They never offer trading signals and mentoring on the side.

Because of this, we’re forced to review every aspect of the service offered by 4XLG because it’s only fair that traders should know what they’re getting into before money can change hands.

Also, the domain 4XLG.com was registered in May 2017 under the name of Jaykin Rivera.

This individual has also disclosed that he runs a company called InnovativeTVinstallations.

We certainly find it weird because there’s no relationship between Forex trading and TV installations.

4XLG Review

The official website of 4XLG is really attractive in terms of aesthetic beauty. Their website reassures losing traders that they’ve come to the right place.

They claim to provide exceptional service in mentoring, market analysis and automated trading (obviously through the Titanium EA).

We’re not sure how this vendor manages his time because offering all of these products or services at once can be tricky compared to just focusing on one product.

4XLG is working from a US physical address 37 North Orange Avenue Suite 500, Orlando Florida 32801. No phone numbers were disclosed.

They also claim that their Forex signals are provided by the top graduates. We’re not sure who these graduates are. We have no idea what their trading experience is.

We’d like 4XLG to provide some explanation regarding their graduates since traders who buy signals from this place must only invest in signals which are analyzed by experienced traders, not recent graduates.

The 4XLG Telegram channel is free to join and the vendor is certainly enthusiastic that their channel will grow as more people become interested in their Forex robot and other services.

In a nutshell, this vendor offers the following products and services:

  1. Mentoring … includes recorded classes, live webinars, weekly market analysis and trader development group
  2. Trading signals
  3. Titanium EA Sniper Bot,

4XLG review: Titanium EA robot membership

There are 4 different packages in the Titanium EA robot membership. Traders can subscribe based on their financial capability and needs.

[tabs][tab title=”Titanium Classic EA CadBot”]Monthly subscription: $116

Expected monthly returns: 35%-50%

Recommended starting balance: $500

Recommended Broker: HugosWay

Leverage: 1:500

Note: Accounts above 5k are subject to profit share

[/tab] [tab title=”Titanium EA SniperBot”]Monthly subscription: $168

Expected monthly returns: 50%-100%

Recommended starting balance: $5,000 to $10,000

Recommended Broker: Pepperstone

Leverage: 1:500

Note: Accounts above 5k are subject to profit share.

Mid to high-risk EA

[/tab] [tab title=”Titanium EA GoldBot”]Monthly subscription: $209.99

Expected daily returns: 50%-100%

Recommended starting balance: $150 to $300

Recommended Broker: Pepperstone

Leverage: 1:500

Note: Accounts above 5k are subject to profit share.

Mid to high-risk EA

[/tab] [tab title=”Titanium EA EuroBot”]Monthly subscription: $209.99

Expected monthly returns: 50%-80%

Recommended starting balance: $3.5k

Recommended Broker: IC Markets or FBS

Leverage: 1:500

Note: Accounts above 5k are subject to profit share.

Safest long term robot


After looking at the information above, we asked ourselves how 4XLG arrived at the income figures.

Have they tested their Titanium EA robot strategies? Where are the verified income records?

The vendor cannot just throw income figures around, hoping to make a sale.

Telegram membership numbers are certainly not proof of profitability because these days internet markets buy these numbers to gain credibility.

Also, we’re not quite sure why 4XLG is intending to do a profit share on accounts with at least $5k.

If traders are paying a monthly subscription, this commission arrangement should not be there at all.

4XLG Signals and Combo Memberships

There are 3 signals memberships and it also appears that all of the 3 membership packages give access to the group’s Telegram channel.

[tabs][tab title=”4XLG Telegram Messenger Group”]Joining Fee: Nill

Traders can monitor the group’s daily activities

Traders can view daily and weekly pips

Member testimonials

[/tab] [tab title=”Snipers Signals”]Monthly subscription: $99

4XLG signal services

87% win rate

Target, entry and stop loss

Stats for daily, weekly and monthly performance

[/tab] [tab title=”Platinum Membership”]Monthly subscription: $150

Student and signal group included

Trader development and live webinars

Signals are sent with entry, target and stop loss

Daily, weekly and monthly stats included

Perfect for learners who want to earn at the same time[/tab][/tabs]

Training Memberships

[tabs][tab title=”4XLG Trader Development”]Monthly subscription: $99

Live webinars and recorded classes

Trader development group access

Course curriculum

[/tab] [tab title=”4XLG Crash Course”]3 month’s subscription: $499

Course training package

Student group webinars

Trader development group

Weekly market analysis

[/tab] [tab title=”4XLG Full Course”]Annual subscription: $999

Full year training course

Student group webinars

Trader development group

Weekly market analysis


4XLG Review: system and trading methodology

We’re interested in finding out what strategy or trading logic their EA and training use.

Professional traders must demonstrate their strategy which should involve how they identify entry, exits and how they manage risk.

None of this information has been published on the developer’s website. We’re wondering why they omitted this information and instead decided to spend their time in promotional statements.

Are projected returns third-party verified?

Despite putting together a beautiful site and doing a good job in promoting their training, signals and automated trading system, 4XLG fails to provide proof of performance.

We see a similar trend with vendors such as Traders Profit Club, Trading with Venus, Basecamp Trading and many others.

4XLG thinks that traders will believe their income statements by the mere fact that they are being posted on the group’s Telegram channel.

We’re not sure why this vendor has chosen to hide their income statement instead of showing them to the world.

If they believe their system and training works, they should use a statement sharing platform like myfxbook.com to showcase their work.

It makes the whole thing transparent and easy to follow rather than posting results on their Telegram channel.

Otherwise, how are they supposed to convince us that their results are genuine or legit for that matter?


We are not going to recommend this service because they’ve failed a critical part of the presentation.

They’ve failed to prove to us their alleged performance and even their signal win rate seem to have been cooked out of nowhere.

We cannot see any reason why a trader should join 4XLG when they haven’t seen proven results yet. Telegram posting is not sufficient as trades can be cherry-picked.

Thanks for reading this review.

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