360cryptomining Review

360cryptomining is a website purporting to mine and trade Cryptocurrencies.

0.066185 Bitcoin is the minimum deposit required to start “mining” and “trading” Crypto on the platform.

However, 360Cryptomining minimum withdrawal is 0.01 Bitcoin.

In addition to this, they’re claiming to run the business from Cambridge Mercantile Corp. 1776 I St NW #900.

Customers interested in “mining” Bitcoin using this platform can also contact +1(628)-225-2408 to speak to one of their agents.

360cryptomining review
360 Crypto Mining

They’ve also provided an email address ([email protected]) where users can send them messages if they don’t wish to speak through the phone.

Is 360Cryptomining legit?

The truth is that mining of Cryptocurrencies is no longer profitable and websites like 360 Crypto Mining are simply not legit.

There are 4 different “mining” packages on the site named Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum.

While all plans are purporting to provide 3 mining contracts using the popular SHA-256 Mining Algorithm, they’re also claiming to take at least 5 trades per day.

It’s not clear what they’re trading and who trades on the platform.

No returns have been promised and past performance has never been documented.

So the community does not know what returns to expect (if any).

Secondly, the website is hosted anonymously and continues to operate as a shady Crypto mining platform.

A great deal of web snooping has also revealed that the platform does not have 1,270,000 users as purported.

In fact, the traffic that gets to this website on a daily basis is less than 50 visitors per day.

Should you invest with 360Cryptomining?

No, this is a bad idea. Don’t send them money because they’re anonymous and the site is basically not giving you control of your money.

Once you send the Bitcoins, you cannot receive them back.

You can wisely invest your money on these trading resources.


First impression is always positive but as we conclude a review, we end up disappointed.

360CryptoMining is basically a scam. There’s no “maximizing profitability”.

Don’t waste your money and hopes on this website. Thanks for reading our review.