2Invest Review: How Good is this Broker?

Welcome to our 2Invest review. 2Invest is offering financial derivatives on Crypto. The website states that they offer low spreads and zero commission. In addition to this, the broker believes that their trading education materials such as ebooks and webinars will enable traders master the financial markets wisely.

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According to the website’s promotion materials, 2Invest is owned and operated by HABONIX SOLUTIONS LTD which is incorporated in Cyprus. This company owns a number of brokers which also include Oinvest.com.

Today we’ll be looking at the viability of this broker’s financial services.

2Invest Review

The website of 2Invest is brief and straight to the point. They only want Crypto enthusiasts to know that the broker is not charging any fees related to deposits or withdrawals.

2invest review

Because the broker deals in Crypto derivatives, there’s no need to actually own Bitcoin, Ethereum or other coins.

Trading accounts can be opened in USD or EUR currencies respectively.

2Invest boasts of having a secure platform for investing, quick withdrawals processing and ease of getting started. In addition to this, they offer the popular MT4 trading platform for PC and mobile.

Basically, traders investing with 2Invest don’t have to worry about sitting in front of their PC since it is not necessary. Once they have a signal they want to execute, they can access the trading platform via their mobile or tablet devices.

2Invest Review: is it regulated?

Regulatory status is a very important factor when it comes to choosing brokers of all kinds. In as much as regulations regarding Crypto is a grey area, we are surprised that 2Invest is actually regulated by the FSA.

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The Seychelles Financial Services Authority has assigned them the registration number SD014.

This definitely means that it is totally safe to trade with the broker. Even when a broker has the most attractive spreads and other features such as leverage, we always have to consider their regulatory status before we can recommend them. Now, when it comes to regulatory matters, 2Invest ticks the box.

You don’t want to trade with a broker whose authorities have not licensed. If you risk with an unregulated broker, you can lose your money in the process.

In addition to this, brokers who are unregulated tend to treat their customers with little to no respect. They have nothing to lose and so this is usually the order of the day.

Other features you must be aware of

2Invest does not charge any extra fees or commissions associated with trading on their platform.

However, the website also states that there are some fees which they might levy depending on the trading activities of the client. Make sure you know the fees by sending them an email since they usually respond quickly.

Secondly, this broker allows opening of joint trading account which basically means that one trading account can be registered under 2 different entities.

Their terms and conditions also state that each trader in the joint account must adhere to the company’s terms and conditions and in case of death of a partner, the other party is allowed to continue running the account.

Joint trading account is a new thing in the Crypto brokerage industry as many brokers simply don’t allow it.

We believe that 2Invest is actually trying to make its platform user-friendly and convenient for traders of all levels. If so far you love what you’re reading, we recommend that you use this link to sign up.


As with every other Crypto derivatives broker, 2Invest also has its own setbacks which is quite a common place in every other business.

We should mention that we didn’t like how brief their website was. They didn’t provide information about spreads, leverage and fees were not covered in terms of figures.

We would like them to include this information so that traders can decide in advance before they can sign up.

Otherwise, we believe 2Invest is a fairly good Crypto broker and you can sign up here. 

2 Responses to “2Invest Review: How Good is this Broker?”

  1. Alejandro says:

    I think 2invest is legit broker. Working with them for 9 months and everything is okay. Ive earning almost $200 every month, but when coronavirus pandemic started I lost my main job. But now I have more time for trading, so my earnings growed to $350. Probably without this money my life can be really terrible.

  2. Joaquin says:

    It was a right decision to invest on the 2invest platform. Broker offered me trade many instruments, but I chose commodities. It’s a pretty gainful asset. I make 100$ a week, trading 4 days a week. It’s enough for extra income, but if I want to gain more, I’ll spend more time.

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