24trades.net Review: Yes its a Scam!

In as much as 24trades.net would love to make traders believe they’re credible, the truth is that 24 Trades is operating illegally since they aren’t regulated by any financial watchdog.

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In this 24trades.net review, we’ll take a look at the details that the website does not want traders to know.

The first thing that 24trades.net does not want traders to realize is that they are not legit.

They claim to offer Forex and Binary options trading but what is more apparent on this website is that Forex trading does not even exist.

They also claim that 24Trades is offering 3% daily returns for 90 days and this is supposed to be guaranteed returns.

The question is how this broker is able to offer such returns to its investors.

Are they trading on behalf of their customers? It seems.

But generally, no legit broker should operate this way. So this means that 24Trades has an element of HYIP in it.

HYIP are illegal investment programs which basically operate like ponzi schemes.

If 24Trades claims they will generate 3% daily without fail, they are essentially saying that this money is not coming from the financial markets.

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Moreover, they claim to provide the “best binary options trading platform.”

This is a false statement given that 24 Trades is not a popular binary options broker.

So how can they possibly provide the best trading platform for binary options?

It’s clearly a lie.

Having said this, we’ll proceed to list reasons why 24Trades.net is a scam. Keep reading this review to get the facts.

24Trades.net review

Apart from Forex and Binary options which they claim to offer, this broker is also claiming that they’re a Bitcoin investment company.

24trades review

Traders want to know how exactly this company is investing in Bitcoin and how they are helping clients with regards to Bitcoin investments.

They claim to have won an award but the people behind their website are faceless individuals who are not willing to disclose their identity.

They’ve only left a phone number behind +1 518-936-9064.

A phone number does not say anything about a company and the legitimacy of its operations.

A look at who.is reveals that the domain 24Trades.net was created back in June 2018.

They’ve existed for more than a year but the site’s popularity on Alexa suggests that roughly 20 visitors come to this website on a daily basis.

On the other hand, they maintain that 24Trades has 657 registered clients and 10 team members.

This data is definitely misleading, plus a dubious broker like this one is not expected to speak the truth.

24Trades.net review: account types

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Does Forex trading even exist?

24Trades.net announces that they provide Forex pairs for trading.

If that is the case, we want to see spreads, leverage and the number of currency pairs offered.

Unfortunately, none of this information is presented on the 24Trades website.

So it is safe to assume that Forex trading does not exist on this broker’s website.

Moreover, we believe this is a trick to mislead new traders who don’t know the difference between Forex and binary options trading.

24 Trades broker is not regulated

They’re not disclosing company details, their location and their registration status.

This would have helped us verify a lot of information about this company.

But as you can see, the scam broker has decided to keep it a secret. On the other hand, if they were regulated, this information would have been proudly displayed on the footer of the website.

Therefore, it’s safe to assume that 24Trades.net is not regulated and is not interested in acquiring a license from any financial regulator.

Regulation is one single most important factor when it comes to the safety of your funds. If a broker is not regulated, don’t trust them with your money as they could steal it.

Is 24 Trades a scam?

Everything is lining up perfectly to the direction we expected this 24trades.net review to take.

We have found many reasons as to why this broker is a scam.

There are many lies on their website. They are not regulated either but would like traders to think that 24 Trades is a professional broker.

All of these lies were made up to mislead traders and potentially steal money from them.


You cannot trade with a broker like 24Trades.net.

They’re basically operating like PacoXR, BTC Tradings, Raw Forex, 360worldBTC and many of those dubious brokers.

You need to avoid 24 trades at all cost and thanks for reading this review.

We would like to hear your opinion in the comment section of this 24trades.net review.

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